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Jets DE talking trash about Josh Allen


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This is the game you hope Case Keenum gets into as fast as possible.  Everyone knows the Jets play to just past the whistle.  As QB2, it's his job to take those revenge hits for QB1.  🙂 


Also getting out of that swamp injury free is crucial as players all over the league complain about that turf.

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23 minutes ago, I am the egg man said:

There’s been a soccerizing of N. American sports.


They almost all cry after calls and plays regularly.

It's not a soccer thing, it's a human being thing.


Everyone does this all over the world in all sports.



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Josh does have a reputation outside buffalo fans as throwing “temper tantrums” 

between tossing the ball in that chiefs players face a couple years ago and reacting to non calls on occasion it’s warranted. 
As others have said most quarterbacks do it. People wouldn’t care if the player isn’t so great. If that’s the best thing people can come up with to hate on him more power to em. 

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29 minutes ago, smuvtalker said:

I did a search prior to posting this, my apologies if it's already being discussed.


I just finished watching a clip from The Carton Show on a preview of the Bills Jets game, and Jets DE John Franklin-Myers was quoted as saying that Josh Allen pleads with the refs for penalty calls....and all I could say was....




First off, this is the DE who singlehandedly cost the Jets the game last week with his boneheaded roughing the passer penalty.   His stupid penalty wiped away an 85 yard pick six that would've essentially put the game away.  So what does he do for an encore?  Brings up a player completely unrelated, and tries to say Allen is a flopper, and pleads with the refs for calls. Let me say this.  I'm as big a Bills fan as anyone, and I've been guilty on more than one occasion of having a biased opinion when it comes to our Bills, but this comment is pure absurdity at it's most impressive.  Josh Allen in my opinion has NEVER flopped OR pleaded with the refs for a call he didnt deserve.  If anything, Allen takes way more hits with no flags called than pretty much any quarterback I've seen with the exception of Cam Newton, MAYBE.  I believe that a big reason for that is his aggressive running style, and also that he's probably better at dishing punishment out than any other QB to play the game. 


Jets players and coaches alike have got to be wanting to shove this guy in a closet for making comments like this prior to the game.  As if Allen and company needed any additional motivation, I'm sure this raised some eyebrows in the Bills locker room.  Sometimes I really wonder what is going through a players mind when they make these type of idiotic statements.  



Allen has never flopped? Oh yes he has lol and he was greatly criticized for it too a few years ago. 


And yes, he does plead with the ref for calls, as does every QB in the league as they are so heavily protected and any penalty against them results in an automatic first down. 











Flop and beg




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1 minute ago, Green Lightning said:

Due to the no-call on the Chris Jones tripping play, Josh gets at least another half-dozen of earnest and emphatic beseeches of the refs. 

The way Josh came up kicking his leg was hilarious. It looked like the video was on fast forward. 

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21 minutes ago, transient said:

Hmmm, this thread actually seems to run strangely parallel to the incident in question... trying to stir outrage over a perceived slight that was actually pretty tame in actuality. @smuvtalker, you, sir, are a message board flopper!! :lol: 

Lol my bad.  Perhaps my homerism has blinded me to the fact that maybe he does flop or plead for a call every now and again.  But in 100% honesty, I really cannot think of a time when I saw him do this.  Again I actually felt the opposite in that he takes quite a few hits that could've easily or even should've drawn a flag.  



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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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