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Sam Martin in Buffalo on a visit (Signed to a 1 yr contract)


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6 minutes ago, msw2112 said:


I'm not sure that it was reported on WGR, but it was reported in this thread about an hour ago!

Yea but right after I said it, reports came out he was signed.



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1 minute ago, Beck Water said:


At last!  Our long National nightmare is over!

BOOM there it is. Ive been waiting for this news. Hallulujah!  We have a Punter.

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This is a good signing.  Martin has very good career numbers and has punted and held in inclement weather in Denver.  Based on some stats I saw earlier (posted here), his road numbers were the same or slightly better than his home numbers, so his numbers weren't artificially inflated by the thin mountain air in Denver.  It's also noteworthy that he was originally drafted in the 5th round (by the Lions), which is very high for a punter, even higher than the 6th round pick that the Bills recently used on a punter.  There should be no rookie jitters with punting or holding this season.

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22 minutes ago, The Wiz said:

Reports from WGR is that Russ Brandon ran down the hall and told staff "Don't let him leave the building"


The staff at the XFL? Was he talking about Araiza? That guy was always about publicity.


12 minutes ago, BTB said:

Hopefully a multi-year deal…put this punter uncertainty to bed for a few years.  


Let's keep beds out of this... especially random beds.

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  • Simon changed the title to Sam Martin in Buffalo on a visit (Signed to a 1 yr contract)
This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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