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I feel McDermott confirmed that Edmunds is a lock for an extension in interview today with NFLN


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There is mixed messages with him.  No doubt the staff likes the man and the leadership he brings.  But in the spring Frazier said he needs to make more plays.   I think McDermott said this because Josh is the leader of the offense (and team really) and Edmunds as the defensive signal caller is the leader of the defense....today.   But he is not nearly as permanent as Josh is, this can change.   I would not be surprised if they extend him but also would not be surprised if they move on.  For me this statement does not equate to "he is definitely getting extended".

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I'm as big of an Edmunds fan as there is. I love the guy but at some point some players will have to walk and find replacements through the draft if you want to sign the Oliver's, Knox's and possibly Gabe Davis's of the world.

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9 hours ago, BruceVilanch said:

I'm in hospital admin, I've praised other members of my exec team in front of other departments and have fired them the same month. I would never throw one of my guys under the bus publicly. That being said, I think Edmunds will get extended.

Were these high level meetings with Dunkirk Don?

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10 hours ago, JayBaller10 said:

Edmunds is the defensive captain, the player with the green dot on his helmet. McD’s comments don’t equate to “I guarantee we’re signing him to an extension” they’re just that - comments on Tremaine’s position as a leader. Don’t create contractual absolutes where there are none.

Agreed.  All McD did was name the offensive and defensive leaders he has. Not necessarily the o ed he wants.  

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11 hours ago, JerseyBills said:

This interview from the NFLN and NFL app asks Sean this question -

"You talk about a standard that you set here. How does Sean McDermott extend the bar of that standard?"


To summarize , McD said that his leadership , as well as player leadership, "particularly Josh Allen and Tremaine Edmunds."




Question is asked around the 1 minute mark.

Long story short, I guarantee Edmunds is a Bill for years to come. The staff and player's clearly love him and for McD to say his name above any other defender speaks volumes. 

He has been the QB for a top defense for multiple years. That's a fact 


Personally I agree 


Edit - On deeper thought, thanks to my friend Mary Jane, what if they're not 100% sold on him and this is McDermotts way of sending a message. 

He's clearly not a "rah-rah" type of leader and not very talkative in public M. Maybe they're not sold on his leadership, especially after 13 seconds??


Micah Hyde calling Edmunds a future H.O.Fer - "Number one, he elevates throws for the safeties and for the inside guys so much, because he’s six … nine, it seems like,” Hyde said of the 6-5 Edmunds. “He’s able to get his hands up and whether he’s deflecting tips and overthrows or even making the ball elevate, it helps the safeties out. But then he’s sideline-to-sideline. Run plays, he’s quick as can be. We put him on a tight end, he’s able to hold his own. And he’s only going to get better.



I always suspected his length and raw physical ability had a way bigger impact on the D than we notice watching film



You win the “split personality post of the day” award.  

Easy to second guess McDermott’s comments, because he does choose his words wisely, but I believe his comment on Edmund’s’ leadership  was sincere, and not a hidden message. 

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If he took a deal similar to what Milano took + a larger signing bonus I'd be all over keeping Edmunds. 


He's a very unique LB in the NFL in terms of usage and measurables.  I don't know that he'd be easy to replace but I also don't think he commands a monster salary. 

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11 hours ago, BruceVilanch said:

I'm in hospital admin, I've praised other members of my exec team in front of other departments and have fired them the same month. I would never throw one of my guys under the bus publicly. That being said, I think Edmunds will get extended.


Just look at how the ST coach was never publicly singled out after the debacles we saw (end) last season. He quietly went about finding another job down in Jax. Some people were screaming for “accountability”, a chance to break out the torches and pitchforks. McD just quietly moved forward like a professional. 


I don’t know what they’ll do with Edmunds long term, but I like their judgement more than I like “our” judgement. 

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When I watch Edmunds on running plays, I see some very poor d-tackle play in front of him (mainly when Oliver is out of the game).  D-line getting blown off the ball forces linebackers to take bad angles and to be screened from the play.  I suspect the Bills saw the same thing and the recent changes in d-tackle players were the result.  Hopefully, this will make a good improvement in the overall run defense.  I believe Edmunds is a good player and is going to be here for the long term.

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I always find it odd when people talk about Edwards as a MLB.  I get that he's listed as a MLB.  But when I think of middle linebackers, I think of fireplugs like Dick Butkus and Jack Lambert - thumpers who played in the middle of the other linebackers.  Beefy hitmen with violent souls who knocked the snot out of you.  


But we primarily play a 4-2-5.  There is no LB in the middle of the other LBs.  And 'Maine' isn't a Butkus-esque Thumper.  He's more of a space-eating coverage guy.  

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10 hours ago, BillsFanForever19 said:

You all hate on Edmunds. But the fact is, MLB play league wide hasn't been great. It's why you all think he's just the worst while he made multiple Pro Bowls. Unless you have a Lavonte David, you'd be hard pressed to have anyone in the Middle that doesn't make you rip your hair out from time to time.


Today's offenses and QB's are constantly putting MLB's in unenviable positions. And we have a Defense that more often than not utilizes 2 LB's instead of most teams 3 and some teams 4. The margin for error is massive. And I think the haters are reading too much into the fact that his extension hasn't come yet as them being on the fence. I'd bet it's just as simple as they have his extension in mind for next year's books and were focusing elsewhere this season.


In fact, it wouldn't shock me one bit if while many of you are writing him off, they plan on Franchise Tagging him if they can't get a deal done before Free Agency next year.

That’s a fair point about the quality of MLB play in the league.  But teams do not “more often than not” employ 3 or 4 LBs.  Nickel (or Big Nickel) is base for every team in the league.  Seattle was by far the last hold out, but finally changed a couple seasons ago IIRC.


But to your point, except for a handful of off the ball LBs the league is very pedestrian at the position.  It’s not well paid compared to most positions except for that handful of players.  Even the top guys don’t make THAT much.  Bobby Wagner just signed for 5/$50M.  The 5th highest paid off the ball LB by AAV is Edmunds at $12.7M (if you count his 5th year option as a 1 year deal and not part of his 5 year rookie deal).  Anyone arguing that he’s a top 5 MLB who is better than Wagner?


So here’s my main point.  If he was willing to sign a contract in the 5/$50M range, it would’ve happened last off-season.  Now his AAV floor is in excess of this year’s $12.7M salary.  The top MLB contracts are 4 or 5 year deals at $19.7M, $17M, $14.5 & $14.25M AAV.  Spotrac has his MV at 4/$55M or $13.8M.  For comparison the 12th highest paid MLB makes $5M AAV.  I think he’s a middle of the pack starting MLB.  The high end of that is $5M right now.  If he’d have gotten $10M, then fine.  I would have considered it an overpay, but it would not have been a killer while putting him tied for 7th highest AAV.  Now we’re likely looking at something in the $15M-$20M a year range.  I don’t blame him for taking that if some team offers it, but I hope it’s not the Bills.  I’d rather have a solid MLB at market value plus keep a top player at their position like Poyer.  

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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