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  1. Bone bruises are extremely serious. He’ll miss time.
  2. I think you are right, no need to try and change what you have become..
  3. Lots of weird hate for Edmunds. Wow, he’s a very young kid playing behind a weak O line to date. This year will surprise…
  4. I’m doubting we’ll see the red helmets. The Bills have that 4 SB curse with those unis, and it’s best left in the past. ‘I’m thinking blue as the OP stated.
  5. I’m just waiting to see if he’s good enough for the NFL before glossing him over.
  6. Blah, blah, blah… The Bills take Hall. Simply a weapon that contributes big…frees Allen, frees the receivers underneath, and becomes an instant threat on the outside where DBs must watch..
  7. We live in Fredonia, but own a home in Bonita Springs for the winter get-away. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Naples-Bonita-Ft.Myers area.. “Buffalo Chips” is a couple miles from our place on Old 41 in Bonita Springs, and definitely the “go-to” Bills restaurant and sports bar in our SWF area. If the Bills games are not nationally televised, we head to Buffalo Chips where games are on the multiple TVs, and it’s like opening the door and entering Buffalo.. Wings, Shout Song, everything…Bills. Got to get there early to get a spot. https://www.buffalochipsrestaurant.tv/ .
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