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  1. George C

    What are your favorite football nicknames?

    Eric "sleeping with" Bieniemy. Chris Bermans take on the 90's movie "Sleeping With The Enemy". .
  2. George C

    Requiem for a sports columnist

    I was done with Sullivan when like a child, poked fun at his critics with lesser twitter followers. I mean, really? Are we that petty and egotistical? He was just braggadocios guy who looked in the mirror and saw something a whole lot bigger than what he was. And now, he is on the street. Things seem to work out in the end....
  3. Does it really matter what some hacks opinion is? The season starts in September, and even then, it doesn't matter. Let's check back after Josh Starts a season worth of games. My opinion is that he will be better than Kelly. Does that matter? No.
  4. George C

    Josh Allen should spend a year on the practice squad.

    Give it a rest... you listen to this dribble, post it and defend it?
  5. George C

    Josh Allen should spend a year on the practice squad.

    So many experts here who should be avaluating NFL talent instead of working for Geico..
  6. What happens when there are other alphas on the team? The mojo crap is fine if the Browns are desperate for someone to lead that perennial loser, but to think one popular frat boy will make the difference in a mans world? ‘Then, what happens when the interceptions pile up and the whispers start?
  7. I find Sal even less mentally equipped than Sully...if that’s possible. I don’t waste time reading his dribble.
  8. George C

    Now let’s get Decker/Maclin

    Bryant will end up coming here once he realizes that he is not the player he thinks he is, and his big payday is gone. Beane will take him at the right price. T.O. Will probably call him and try to sell the Bills to him. If this does happen, I see this happening within a month.
  9. George C

    Opinions on why we passed on Rosen?

    I think Terry Pegula understands that if a kid is super rich, he may retire early instead of taking repeated blows to the noggin. Rosen is thin, and probably wouldn’t survive the NFL, and I am sure his mother will always whisper in his ear “honey, you don’t need this”...
  10. George C

    Turning Point for the Pegulas

    Yes it is....backed up by soul crushing horrible depth and horrible players save for a few on the Sabres, and an offensive line in Flux for the Bills.
  11. George C

    Take draft grades with a grain of salt

    Allen will only be as good as the work he puts in. To correct his footwork will take unmeasurable amounts of practice until it becomes natural.
  12. George C

    Current Bills on Chopping Block

    Washington’s going nowhere...
  13. George C

    Turning Point for the Pegulas

    Yeah...I don’t think so...
  14. I couldn’t care less about the Browns. Another 0-16 season wouldn’t bother me a bit. It’s about the Buffalo Bills, period.
  15. Best news. Competition in reverse.