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  1. Shaq Lawson and Reggie Ragland were “off the bus” starters...LOL. Let McBeane do their thing.....
  2. As we all should know, there were no geniuses in Foxboro. Just riding the eternal GOAT. Tom Brady’s exit made that crystal cleat..
  3. Mine was Watkins would be good....even though he had a Buddy Nix/Doug Whaley drafted poser at QB.
  4. This off-season won’t be virtual. things will open up fast as summer progresses.
  5. The day Brandon left was the day the Bills stopped the tarnish and turned it around.
  6. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeBoY5kX/ If so, it’s an embarrassment. .
  7. Watt to Browns? He’ll get paid, and the Browns are doing a Whaley type move. Beane, I trust..
  8. Not a 90’s fan. I prefer the white, and even the white on white. The red helmets remind me of those four years...
  9. It’s time for Knox to develop and step up, or move on next year. I’d take another TE somewhere in this draft...
  10. I love Tom Brady. I simply can not deny that no matter how much harm he has caused my Bills, he is simply the GOAT. And, I admire his greatness at the position.
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