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  1. Bills interested in Dez!!!!!

    I'm not interested in Dez. He's everything we don't want in the lockeroom
  2. Josh Allen will be the best QB in draft

    Everyone looks at film, film, film.. obviously it is the single most important evaluator, but.. How about looking into the head and chest? Personally, if Darnold isn’t there, Allen is the guy. Rosen has bust written all over him. Not because of talent, but what’s in his chest, and what’s in daddy’s wallet. A few hits, some locker room rejection, and I can see Rosen not surviving the mental game because if really doesn’t need a paycheck, the motivation runs out. A few hits, and mom starts telling him he doesn’t need this... Mayfield has bust potential, and my guess is 75%-25% he busts. Those who need to read negative headlines for motiviation will run out of gas at some point.
  3. Josh Allen will be the best QB in draft

    I’m with you on this. This guy could develop into a monster.
  4. Richie Incognito Un-retires via Twitter?

    More trade capital.
  5. Richie Incognito Un-retires via Twitter?

    He’ll be back. Money will run out.
  6. Richie Incognito Un-retires via Twitter?

    Word on Twitter is that his un-retirement is a sick joke by a sick man. He still plans on retiring.
  7. Love Thurman, but for all of his great moments, the one I remember first is his early 2nd half “head hanging” after a fumble against Dallas in the 4th SB. He was defeated, and it spread like a disease which fueled Dallas’s momentum. Is he top ten? Yes. He was an unreal double threat, and his receiving skills were as respected as much as his run skill. Many times he lined up as a wide receiver running a sideline pattern with the ball coming. He would be great in today’s game.
  8. Why Picking Josh Allen Would Be Disasterous

    No one has a crystal ball folks. Nobody knows... Ive got no problem with any QB Beane picks to be the guy.
  9. It does when Ritchie left the door open. Did you catch that part? It’s a money grab, and second thoughts about taking a pay cut.
  10. Stay the course. My bet is that Ritchie reconsiders at the reduced pay. He’s just having an out of reality experience from the roids today. Maybe the Bills toss a couple more bucks at him to allow him to save face. Money doesn’t fall off of trees, and he’s not that rich. If he doesn’t reconsider, McBean has had a plan in place.
  11. Brandon beane the new Tim Murray?

    Topics like this make me lose faith in humanity
  12. Yeah, same way SD became great with Leaf, or Cleveland became great with Couch and their long list of busts.. Or maybe the same way countless teams became great with high draft prospects who busted out, or how high dollar can’t miss guys like Osweiler, only to wonder how big of a hit the rest of the team took, or in our case, by giving away 6 high draft choice players. I’ve got no problem either way to tell you the truth, but OBD had better not screw this one up.. None of us know how good Darnold or Rudolph will be. Unlike Taylor, Rudolph can make the throws, which makes him my choice. Bottom line? http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/04/09/for-some-teams-drafting-a-quarterback-high-disaster-is-inevitable/
  13. I’ll take Rudolph and keep our picks. We can completely transform this team. There are no guarantees any of the top QBs will be worth the price of top picks, or make up for the several top player/picks it will cost, and its less of a risk that Rudolph won’t develop into a stud.
  14. Ryan Suggests Allen

    Well, Ryan chose a guy who couldn't throw at all.. Go figure..