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  1. Give them a break.. nothing was mismanaged. They are after early draft choices and shedding dead money. End of story.
  2. Let him sit for as long as it takes to get a comfortable Josh Allen back. He will learn nothing by playing hurt.
  3. George C

    Allen not showing progress

    He is either not allowed, or not capable of making the same passes his draft partners are making every Sunday. Not encouraged yet.
  4. George C

    Josh Allen is the piece just need players around him

    Our receivers can not get separation...at all.. It’s a joke. The Pats receivers, almost any other teams are open because they run strong, precise routes. Until we get some great route runners in this place who care on every snap to run their routes with speed and precision, every pass will have a chance to get picked. No way can we evaluated Allen with this bunch.
  5. George C

    Predict the Score: Titans at Bills

    The Bills win this one by 10.
  6. Here we go again, let’s fire, fire fire... Oh brother....
  7. George C

    Josh Allen: A fawn in headlights

    Dear God..The OP will be calling Allen the second coming when the kid has some talent around him to work with..
  8. George C

    schoop post game.....

    Who wants that job after another crappy Bills loss? People call in and drone on and on about the freaking obvious. I can get how his fuse is short.
  9. Marino WAS awesome, and Kelly was dead to me also. Marino was the cream of that crop. Miami just couldn’t get all of the pieces in place. Too many early round busts..
  10. Seals was actually very good. He was no Bruce Smith, but no one really was. Dr. Sack was his college nick name..
  11. Everyone here is so unstable and quick to judge. Fire McBeane after some expected rough spots are hit...yada...yada... Foster is a kid, and one that is playing for the cheap. If Daboll sees talent, have some faith and give the kid a freaking chance to develop. We can always cut him down the line if he washes out.
  12. George C

    McDermott- Highest odds to be fired..

    Fired over what? Trying to make lemonade out of rotten lemons?
  13. George C

    Philip Rivers: A Sobering Warning

    Great teams are built through the draft by GM s who do their homework and do NOT miss on picks. So far, McBeane is off to a rocky start, and Zay Jones was a HUGE miss. This won’t help Josh.... and can not happen again.
  14. Everyone always looks at past Bills organization players and coaches who have left to prosper somewhere else... In a situation like the Bills, there is no room for error. McBeane has made many, many errors so far. A LOT of them. But like rookie players, there will be a lot of things for McBeane to learn, and we just have to stick with it and let them develop in the same way as the team. Patience here.. easy to say, I know, but there really isn't another viable option.