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  1. George C

    Would Cordy Glenn be an option in FA?

    Here we go again with this stuff... Everyone needs an imaginary friend holding a carrot. Anyway, if the money is right, he has the athleticism.
  2. Ralph was cheap.. You are un-important In your world. .
  3. George C

    Nick Foles Contract

    We don’t know that. Wentz hasn’t played in the playoffs yet. Wentz better study Brady when it comes to avoiding hits.
  4. George C

    Nick Foles Contract

    Wentz isn’t going anywhere, especially if they have to choose between Wentz and Foles. Rosen isn’t Doug Whaley.. Wentz is a kid with a HUGE upside. The kid had a knee injury late last year. We know that an injury like that seems to stay in the player’s head for another season, then is forgotten about and the player is back to 100% in year two. Wentz will learn that he’s not built to take the punishment and become much more aware of what big hits can do.
  5. George C

    Sean McDermott’s Current Approval Rating

    It’s amazing how Football isn’t critiqued as a team sport when we are losing. It is most certainly a team sport when we win..teammate talent levels either make or kill their team mates. Allen’s judged by incompletions that hit a receiver in the hands..somehow it’s Josh’s fault they can’t catch.. Same as coaching. Does anyone think Anthony Lynn would have won anything here, but when he has that defensive talent combined with Rivers, suddenly, he is great.. Please...Give these guys the patience they deserve to build a team. That are doing great so far. Dead money is gone, we have a great franchise QB prospect and things are coming together.
  6. George C

    Should the Train Horn Stay? Or Go?

    I thought I was just getting old. I gave up 4 Jim Kelly Club tickets because of that damn horn was constantly blowing.. Too annoying to deal with. Wrecked the game experience for us..
  7. We have an opportunity to really see what we have sitting on the bench. Offensive line positions mainly, and which reciever can, or more importantly CAN NOT play. This is the best time to evaluate and prepare for the draft... Since the playoffs are no longer the focus, winning is secondary. But, we are also seeing the heart that Allen possesses.. WOW,
  8. Maybe those boring plays are testing boring positions, like line blocking.
  9. George C

    Zay Jones is bad

    The kid is soft...
  10. George C

    Sal Mairano = the new Jerry Sullivan

    Sal makes Jerry look like Mother Teresa. He clearly writes provocative, thinking it sells papers. Possibly the worst writer of all time. Glad he’s in Roc... People actually listen to him on the Radio?
  11. As unbelievable as it sounds, I went with a friend and his whining 10 year old. We left after the interception to start the 3rd. His kid was cold and wanted to leave.. My car was parked a mile out, and I was to go to his house and meet up with my wife to have dinner there with his wife and family. I got in my car, did a 180 and headed back to the stadium and was one of the lucky people to make it back in before security set up. Got back mid way through the 3rd. Since everyone was gone, I sat at the 50 and saw it all unfold. That night, after being so pumped, I called my friend after the 11:00 news and told him we were heading to Pittsburgh RIGHT NOW for tickets. We got there at 5 AM and we were 5th in line at the box office. ‘Since Pittsburgh wasn’t a perennial playoff team then, the morning news stations were there to cover the ticket line. Since we were all decked out in blue, ofcourse they interviewed us on live TV to comment on the Bills chances. We did Buffalo proud that day saying on live TV that this one’s gonna be EASY, as in just too easy..to a chorus of boos around us.. And, it was easy....
  12. George C

    Why I gave up on the process

    99% of negative fans don’t understand what it takes to build a culture, or how valuable team climate is. It starts with playing for one another, and becoming accountable to your teammates and family. I am 100% behind what McBean is doing, and this is a process that can’t be done overnight or in two seasons on a talentless team. They’re picking through the roster and finding the good players, while dumping dead weight. Attitude will change and so will the drive to win. Next years draft will start the repair, and 91 million to spend will help fix the O line in a hurry.
  13. Amazing how some of you guys give a free pass to a criminal just because he can run the football. Sad. OJ definitely lived and learned, except at the cost of NBS.