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NFL Draft 2022 Fourth to Seventh Round Discussion Thread


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Only names I know left that I like: didn’t post in time but got the wr. 


Ty Chandler - rb

Cole Turner - te

Shakur or Ross - wr

West or Smith - iol

Thomas - dl

jackson - lb

woolen - db



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Just now, Mopreme said:

Anybody can provide some insight on Shakir? Didnt watch any Boise State games. 


Just now, Joe in Winslow said:

This guy can actually play? Or is he a ST guy?

Will likely work in as a rotational 4th/5th WR as a rookie, but absolutely has long term starting slot potential. Could take over for Crowder by next season.

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Just now, jkeerie said:

Beane said you can get punters as UDFAs.  So, I don't think they're targeting one.


I don't mind taking one in R6 or 7.  Just don't give up two picks for one. 


Thankfully,  they picked the guy I wanted here,  Khalil Shakir.  

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Just now, Shake_My_Head said:

Guy had a lot of drops in 2021 but he can be a weapon.   Fingers crossed that his concentration improves.

We can send him to Dawson Knox's "hands coach"

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