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Bills have almost $10 million in cap space available


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37 minutes ago, 1ManRaid said:

Some people forget draft picks and mid-season signings aren't free.

While this is true a very small amount if it actually counts


Dont think actual money....think cap space


A mid season signing very often would not go towards the top 51.....well because its a mid season sighing.


Your draft picks are gonna cost what in space ....3 million?

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56 minutes ago, intimidatortj said:


Obviously go nuts and blow it all...tomorrow.


Kidding, actually you want some for the draft picks, and a few more million in case a veteran player becomes available after the draft that you would want and can help your team.    Now is the team to have a few bullets in reserve.

Draft picks, full roster of 53 after cut downs, practice squad salaries, PS call ups if they have expanded roster again, mid season additions due to injuries, opportunity, etc.  $10M is about the minimum you’d what for all of that.  But there are still places to add cap space for more signings if needed so there isn’t anything to worry about. 

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Seems like just yesterday we were sitting here saying “Bills have no cap space, how will they afford any free agents or to re-sign any players?”


Now here we sit, having signed Von freaking Miller plus a bunch of other dudes, re-signed Diggs, McKenzie, and Bates, and still sitting on $10M in cap space.


Amazing. Beane is a baller.

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This is very interesting. Yesterday is was slightly over $10M so I guess it went $150k or so down due to Bobby Hart signing, who I guess got that $1,047,500 min deal and it replaced one of $895,000 contracts.


But there are two things I'd like to know. Sportrac has us at 66 players and $8,2M cap space. NFLPA says we have 68 players signed.


Who are two players signed by Bills Sportrac doesn't know about?


And more importantly, where are those extra $1,7M which we have more than Sportrac thinks coming from? Do they have some players wrong, or did we made some extra restructure not known so far?

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48 minutes ago, Ya Digg? said:

This is either a really poor attempt at sarcasm or you read literally none of the comments before yours…pretty much everyone has said you need money for draft picks and in season signings 🤦‍♂️


I guess you don't understand what SOME people means 

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