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The rest of the Season


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Yes it was a heart breaker loss against the Titans , at least we have a BYE . Here my prediction for the rest of the season we are now first in AFC East standing at 4-2 not bad but could be better 

Miami Dolphins WIN 

At Jacksonville Jaguars WIN 

At NY Jets WIN 

Indianapolis Colts another heart breaker LOSS 

At New Orleans Turkey day WIN 

New England Patriots WIN 

At Tampa Bay Buccaneers I hate to say this but that is a LOSS 

Carolina Panthers WIN 

At New England Patriots LOSS

Atlanta Falcons WIN 

New York Jets WIN 


Buffalo Bills will be 12-5 and win the division 

We will not get number one seed but we will win at least on playoff game , I don't think this is our year for the Super Bowl yet , still a few issues to be fixed but we are heading in the right direction . 2022 will be better 

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1 hour ago, Big Turk said:

I'm going to say 13-4. I don't see us losing to INDY. 

Best not lose to the Colts...will be taking my 12 year old to his first Bills game!

There is only one QB we face the rest of this season that worries me and it ain't Carson Wentz.

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49 minutes ago, machine gun kelly said:

I don’t see us losing to any team other than the Bucs, and that’s not a foregone conclusion.  We will finish 13-4 to 14-3.  #1 seed we’ll see.  Still 11 games for everyone.  

I do not see us losing to the Colts or Pats.


I see us losing a game they should win.  be it indy, no, or carolina. 

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7 minutes ago, The Firebaugh Kid said:

Bills MAY lose 2 more. 


#1 seed. 

All is well.

The schedule is almost...boring the rest of the way.


who are we losing to?  My issue is that we are 1-2 against teams over .500.  not great.  Our lines need to play MUCH better in big games.  

11 minutes ago, nedboy7 said:

Man I’d love to see this board if like last year’s SB champs we put up 3 points on the Saints.  It’s a long season. ***** happens. 


last year's SB Champs have not played the Saints yet.  Not sure what you are talking about? 

19 minutes ago, ProcessYaDigg said:

There it is.  We're not going to the SB.  might as well just lose out and get a better draft position cuz this isn't our year folks.


Geez, having a discussion about the team and what it needs to do to improve is not  the sky is falling.  Quit acting to posters who want to point out what we can do to improve in this manner.  If you have nothing to add but snark, perhaps don't add it.  

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The loss last night annoyed me more than it got me down on the team.  Because no matter that the defense couldn't make a stop, or special teams penalties as usual screwed up a few good returns including McKenzie's TD, or that the offense left way too points on the table in the Red Zone, they were 1/2 foot away and an Allen slip on the turf from pulling it out.  It was unfortunate.  Maybe the Titans just have their number right now?  Can anybody explain how the team we saw last night lost to the Jets?  If you've seen the Jets play this season that seems impossible yet it happened.


A bye week now and the loss feel like a flashback to last year's Cardinals game.  They got focused, went to work, and ran the table down the stretch.  Are they going to run the table here?  Maybe not.  But they have a week of rest and another week to fix a couple things.  And looking ahead at the schedule the Bucs game might be the only game where the Bills will be the underdog.         

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I think the Bills will get a scare from the Jets at MetLife. The Jets defense particularly their front 7 is pretty good. They could out physical the Bills OL and make life difficult for Allen. I don't think the Bills will lose as I expect the D to make life miserable for Wilson.  The Jets have nothing to play for and they will look at this game as their Super Bowl. I could see the Bills escaping with a close win. Last year at MetLife they only won 18-10 by kicking 6 FG's. The Jets for some reason play the Bills tough despite the Bills having much better talent.

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