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  1. I'd be willing to give up a 2020 5th round draft pick for him -
  2. Early prediction: Duke Williams 7 catches for over 90 yards & a TD and on his way to being our #1 WR. Josh passes for over 300 yards today with some great RAC. We go into the Bye 4-1. Let’s Go Buffalo!!!!!
  3. I don't get it. Let Josh rest & heal - Barkley will get us the victory and then Josh can come back after the bye week. Of course fans will be screaming for Barkley to start but that doesn't matter -We got this. Let's Go Buffalo!!!!!
  4. I am losing faith with the fans for being so hard on Josh. Josh reminds me a lot of Jim Kelly, throw 3 picks on the first half & then light it up in the 2nd half. Go back & watch Jimbo’s first 2 years & keep in mind that the defenses weren’t anywhere near to the level of what Josh faced yesterday. Zay Jones & some of the other players didn’t help much either yesterday. 1/11th & defenders rushing unaccounted for wasn’t Josh’s fault either = team effort. We’re still growing & will be fine, keep the faith. Let’s Go Buffalo!!!!! We got this.
  5. Need to teach the D to always get up & head the other way .......
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