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  1. We ran Greg Roman out of town & look at him now - we just didn’t give him enough time. Daboll will be fine. Lets Go Buffalo!!!!!
  2. Gotta agree with ya - DirecTv sucks since AT&T got involved!
  3. The fact that Baltimore & NE aren't on the list show that it is a terrible list. Of course I feel we should be on there too. Lets Go Buffalo!!!!!
  4. I want to see the Pats get destroyed for the next several years. Re-Watched the Raiders playoff game with the BS tuck rule call the other day & then another one of NE RE-plays yesterday & the calls in their favor is ridiculous- makes the NFL look like professional wrestling.
  5. I'm going with 15 - 4 with a 5-0 start. Lets Go Buffalo!!!!!
  6. I could see us trading for some picks next year. I really don’t feel we have a need any longer at WR, seems some are forgetting about Duke Williams & McKenzie. I say OL, CB, LB & K for depth & competition. We shouldn’t need more than 4 picks today, trade for draft capital next year. Lets Go Buffalo!!!!!
  7. I have a feeling that Herbert will end up being the best QB in this draft so I would prefer he doesn’t end up in the AFC East. Lets Go Buffalo!!!!!
  8. I like DeAndre Hopkins a lot but I feel Diggs is a better fit for Buffalo & Josh Allen. JMHO Lets Go Buffalo!!!!!
  9. I still feel Herbert will end up being the best QB in this draft so as long as he doesn’t end up in Miami, then I’m good. Lets Go Buffalo!!!
  10. I’m looking forward to seeing Christian Wade more this year too. Lets Go Buffalo!!!!!
  11. Does anyone think we should bring in Greg Zuerlein for a little kicking competition?
  12. Any chance Cam might go to Chicago or the Chargers?
  13. I’m a big Diggs fan but we gave up way too much for him. Draft is one of the deepest talent pools for WR & we do this? System glitched big time Get it together Buffalo
  14. What a shame, I’ve always liked Shaq & agree with many here that his best is yet to come. Good luck Shaq & thanks for your time & service.
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