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Were you guys impressed that Allen played well in front of a crowd?


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  1. 1. Sugar High Josh?

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5 minutes ago, Generic_Bills_Fan said:

I still think this is ridiculous lol the steelers defense confused and frustrated him and his mechanics broke down...I dont think fans cheering at a home game had much to do with that one 


I think it’s no coincidence that when he has better protection he plays better at the QB position. 


I was impressed, I was NOT surprised. We saw him do that all last year. We knew he had it in him….somewhere. 


Keep it up, Josh! (AND the OLine!) 




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Not even remotely surprised.  I always thought it was a dumb theory, but didn’t want to be rude to some posters.  Kit has nothing to do with it.  He knocked off the rust and is getting his mojo back.  He’s just cleaning up mechanics and should have another solid game next week.


As an aside, the Chiefs defense doesn’t look the same.  They’ve played a hard schedule with the Browns, Ravens, and Chargers who is developing nice team. They will probably have a get eight game against the Eagles and we’ll see.  Should be fun.

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