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Ty Nsekhe Taken from practice by ambulance


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23 minutes ago, ChevyVanMiller said:

Heat related. Since released from the hospital, won’t play on Sunday.

Good dude, wishing him a full recovery.


Holy crap, Hope he's OK.


He's one of those guys with a backstory where you can't help pulling for him, and has quietly done a lot of good community service things.

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52 minutes ago, Rc2catch said:

Dang.. Dallas is snakebit now too. Collins suspended. Gallup to IR. Lawrence and Gregory issues. Guessing Nsekhe was gonna start this week for them. Sucks he misses his chance. Hopefully he’s ok. 

One could argue that Beane knew it was time with Nsekhe and drafted his replacement on time.

I liked Nsekhe. He had perfect form and never really lost but always got hurt after playing a little while.

You say snakebitten, I say they signed a guy past his prime....

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And speaking of OL, expect two or three to be drafted again next year....


I think it's going to go..... first-DT,  second-C/G,  third-WR/TE,  fourth-CB; Fifth - DL, sixth-OL, seventh - DB.


I say we trade our sixth and seventh for an extra fifth and go DB.


Build those lines!


That is all....

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9 hours ago, Blainorama5 said:

Heat stroke is no joke.  Glad to hear he was released.


8 hours ago, YoloinOhio said:

Not hot in Buffalo! Come back Ty


I got heat stroke watching a game once.  They were out of all liquids but beer and my brother had to beg for ice to cool me down.

My temperature was over 100 and my normal body temperature is lower than normal (96.8).

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