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Is this a real or Fake photo? Rousseau?

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More mckenzie shade. This is cold    

This can’t be a real photo? WTF!!! And Spencer long is taller then him?  

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1 hour ago, Motorin' said:


I think it is real. The photographer is probably standing on the white line behind Rousseau, which means Rousseau is actually closer to the camera. And objects closer to lens get more enlarged than objects farther from the lens.

I have a...friend...and uh...he wants something to appear longer in a photo. Should I...oops, my friend, ....stand on a box and hold the camera closer to the object?

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36 minutes ago, Protocal69 said:

All I can think about with some of the players on the team is that getting off the bus this team is going to look huge.


Allen 6-5

Edmunds 6-5

Rousseau 6-7

Spencer Brown 6-8

Ike Boettger 6-6

Efe Obama 6-6


to name a few.




Epenesa 6-6

Daryl Johnson 6-6

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