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2021 NFL Draft Round 2 talk - Official thread

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Just now, TheProcess said:

We need to come out of this draft with more speed. Preferably on offense. So far the speed receivers are flying off the shelves. 

A 6-3 4.3 guy still sitting there. 

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4 minutes ago, biggerdaddynj said:

Trade down.  Things didn’t go our way with the CB.  

Get another draft pick there is no player that is head and shoulders above the others right now such that we’ll lose by going down and getting another pick in a draft in which the drop off isn’t too much.  People are panicking, relax and play it smart.  Beane is smart, it’ll be interesting to see where he goes.

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Just now, TheBeaneBandit said:

I know Syracuse fans....but NO. Get a WR here. Marshall or Brown = Josh Allen MVP. 

Sounds like many of us Syracuse fans don’t want him here either.  

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Just now, wppete said:

Damn . I was hopping Nick Bolton would fall to us.


NFLN did a piece on him.  Sister had brain CA and mom had breast CA.  Glad they are both survivors.


Seemed like just the kind of person the Bills would draft.

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