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Bills fact people might not now

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Saw a you tube of Bills Steeler 1980 with Ferguson at QB. I looked him up to see if there was any update on his battle with cancer. I knew about his longevity in the league and his 1-3 playoff record. I knew about the ankle.

But, here are three things I didn’t know about Ferguson.

1. 1975 led the league in TD passes tied with Fran Tarkenton

2. 1977 led the league in passing yards

3. Survived two entirely different cancers


Post your fact that might not be known about the Bills

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1 hour ago, Brennan Huff said:

The Bills lost to the Hamilton Tiger Cats 38-21 in 1961

Did they ever lose to Alabama?

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2 hours ago, TroutDog said:

The Bills almost moved to Seattle. 

Thanks Ralph.

2 hours ago, ChevyVanMiller said:

From 1974-80, Fergy led the NFL with 120 hung head poses after INTs.


(Jk, I love Fergy and am glad that his cancer is in remission)

Sad Sack Fergy :lol:


I’m glad he’s OK too.

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1 hour ago, BringBackFergy said:

Little known fact: Bills WR TJ Graham has never been in my kitchen. 

Dear sir:

     Please cease and desist from stealing lines from old sitcoms.

Yours truly and sign it,

Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe

Atty's at Law

Pants Pressed While U Wait

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I remember Kelly saying he'd never have been as successful if it were not for QB backup, Frank Reich.  He said Frank was so good on the sidelines at "coaching" and analyzing defenses / schemes and would point out things he'd not realized himself.  No surprise Frank has become a decent coach in the NFL. 



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