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Bills sign TE Jacob Hollister

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I love this move I think Hollister is super under rated. my seahawks fan friend loved him

Does Cynthia Frelund become a Bills fan now?

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6’4”, 245 LBs. 27 years old. Played with Allen at Wyoming.


As long as this isn’t the only move at tight end, I support it.


He looks like a younger, cheaper Kroft replacement.


Knox, Hollister, Sweeney isn’t enough. I hope they still try to acquire Ertz or draft a guy.

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1 minute ago, CSBill said:

Well, that blows up the 46 pages on the Ertz thread.


Welcome to Buffalo, Mr. Hollister.

I kinda doubt it. This feels like more of a replacement for DiMarco. We'll see I guess...

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Hollister had some nice moments in Seattle. I like this get as a "1B" to Knox as he (hopefully) continues to develop consistency.

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1 minute ago, YoloinOhio said:



I think this guy nails it.  I jumped to the conclusion that he was a kroft replacement but this might be more about improving the running game.  Especially the H-back stuff.  And for the record Hollister is a much better receiver then Smith was.  I've seen him make some great catches over the years.



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