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  1. Drew Breeze was going to go to Wyoming before Joe Tiller left, along with Ladanion Tomlinson. Other than that does Casey Bramlet in NFL Europe count.
  2. Burrows was at Ohio State at one point. That's about as close as it gets
  3. I followed Josh here from his college days
  4. Losing Chase at center didn't help either, but everything you mentioned was spot on
  5. Josh Allen might actually get more than one college offer if he made a video like this now.😄
  6. Josh Allen declared for the draft after winning the Potato bowl. Coincidence I think not.
  7. He is a better runner in the NFL because he needed to be. In college at least in 2016 he had a better running back that did the heavy lifting. Not a slight against Singeltary the offense at Wyoming was based around Brian Hill(dude has the school yardage record in basically 2 seasons). Josh just balled out when they got behind in yardage.
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