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Super Bowl Game Thread: Kansas City at Tampa Bay 6:30 Eastern on CBS

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The Kansas city fan base deserves this game. 

Chiefs fans in a nutshell 

Watch LaVonte David and see why you dont pay Milano 14 million. They are on completely different levels. 

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Just now, RiotAct said:

I don’t hate Gronkowski as much as I did a couple years ago...

I will always hate gronk after trying to kill Tre White.

**** gronk.

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1 minute ago, ScottLaw said:

Well disguised blitzes as well.... ours were completely predictable not fooling KC at all. Been a problem with McD/Frazier.


You just can't make a post without getting a shot in against someone on the Bills, can you?

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2 minutes ago, Heitz said:


I ask every week, do people in every GDT not watch football?


Grunk. Boooo...

I fully expect KC to turn on the afterburners at some point but that first Q was very different to ours. We had one okay drive and then got a non existent field with the punt return fumble. The Bucs looked great that quarter.

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2 minutes ago, CircleTheWagons99 said:

Well considering they called nothing against KC 2 weeks ago and they are actually flagging them now, I don’t see what the Bills can do to be better at getting flags thrown when they should be. 


One holding call is enough; it makes the defense aware they're being watched.

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