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1/17/21 Division Round: Browns at Chiefs 3:05 pm on CBS

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2 minutes ago, Joe in Winslow said:

Oh, Faker.



Step one: Role to right.


Step two: Point at intended receiver, notifying all three defenders around him that you intend to throw at him.


Step three: Throw at receiver in triple coverage you just pointed at and stared down. 


Step four: Flourish.







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Just now, bills6969 said:

Cleveland has been dog poo on offense.  Poor gameplan to throw it every play when you have one of the best run games in the league 


Just more proof Mayfield is not capable of carrying an offense without a run game the way Allen or Mahomes can.

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1 minute ago, Boatdrinks said:

Browns players trying to do too much, poor execution and Mayfield just isn’t that good. He’s okay, but he plays like he thinks he’s on a Mahomes/ Allen level. He’s not close at this point. 

How good does it feel to say that second to last sentence 

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