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Ed Oliver tells Allen "Hold My Beer"

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2 hours ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:



In an interview with Adam Schein, he reminded Josh of his promise to jump through a table if the Bills win a Superbowl.  Josh "leveled up" as quoted above...


Now Big Ed weighs in.

Love this team.

Made all the suffering worth it.

Gonna be alot of January football in Buffalo in the 2020s

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8 minutes ago, The Wiz said:

Ed gonna do a table dive off of his horse

He might be a strong enough rider to even get the horse to do it.

But he also might be a good enough man not to ask.

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2 hours ago, Protocal69 said:

Ed you my guy but I would rather you show me how its done, sacking Lamar Jackson 2 times on Saturday. Thanks!


That was my thought - "Hey Ed, just consider Lamar and Dobbins and Gus Bus ya tables!"

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Love the spirit...


but if they do it, please pre-break the tables and do it over a crash mat. And if Josh is going with flames, I want the fire department there with at least 10 fire extinguishers.

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2 hours ago, BruceVilanch said:

Same here, low crawled through a hill, one of the worst days of my enlistment.


Field chow, see a tree with no one using it to lean back on while eating.

"These guys are dumb, I'm going to go grab that tree" I think to myself.


Two minutes later starting to open my MRE and I discovered why no one had been using that particular tree to rest back on while eating...

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