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  1. Let's see, 3pm Eastern Standard Time equates to about 9pm here.... Oh who am I kidding? My VCR just blinks 00:00, like I'm going to figure how to set the timer right anyway. I'll just put my tape deck next to the TV speaker and record the audio.
  2. I know it says it's from the Toronto Sun, but are we sure this wasn't copied from Kazakhstan Twitter account?
  3. Somehow I can see you making your Ron icon's expression while doing that...
  4. To further jump on this (although I realize we're all kind of purposely missing the point)...in that painting the "everybody" is/are the buffalo. That would be more of a (team now called the WFT) vs everybody. Since Tampa Bay would be at home...does that mean on a neutral field the Bills are actually considered 3-point favorites?
  5. I submit there is no such thing as a "pass-only" offense that you can game plan for. There is a reason why RBs are devalued in today's NFL. Even a mediocre running back (I don't consider ours "mediocre" but looking at DVOA if the shoe fits...) can make runs and get yards with a modicum of success and low chance of catastrophic failure. At minimum, a RB carry is an assured way to keep a clock moving. A bad QB means you have a high chance of at best stopping the clock (assuming you don't want to) and at worst a significantly higher chance of turning the ball over. If
  6. Field chow, see a tree with no one using it to lean back on while eating. "These guys are dumb, I'm going to go grab that tree" I think to myself. Two minutes later starting to open my MRE and I discovered why no one had been using that particular tree to rest back on while eating...
  7. I can't disagree with any of those points though. The Patriots also played us twice; once in bad passing weather (which is more wind related than snow related) and once in decent passing weather. The game in bad passing weather (higher winds) was MUCH closer. This is also probably because both teams were at different levels of competency (and to be fair, motivation) at those points. I actually hope it does snow, because in most of the snow games I've watched over the years, the advantage goes to the offense - whether a runner with a ball, or route running prio
  8. Just remember to use his link so he can help you whack off... ...your nose hairs.
  9. Even in Thurman's MVP season he didn't win Offensive Player of the Week as many times as JA17. They both won Player of the Month twice though. Oh, by the way, that QB we all wished we got in 2012 (instead of super receiver TJ Graham)...Russell Wilson? He just got his first and only NFC Offensive Player of the Month this past September.
  10. I couldn't care less about playing Brady or not. I do NOT want to play WFT. Are you not aware of the indian burial ground curse of AFC East vs NFC East in Super Bowls? Bills - Giants (AFCE loss) Bills - Washington (AFCE loss) Bills - Dallas (AFCE loss) Bills - Dallas (AFCE loss) Patriots - Giants (AFCE loss) Patriots - Giants (AFCE loss) I mean, what's up with that? Even when the AFCE team was *clearly* the better team (at least twice, and probably three times if you look at both Pats games) they lost.
  11. Not sure if we're allowed to put a link to another fan forum here, so remove if necessary. I used to post these here as well, but one of the mods has a problem with it, and since I only do this for my fellow deployed fans, I didn't want to upset the board mods, so I quit. That is why I'll put the other site's post up rather than the link to my site specifically. http://www.billievers.com/forums/showthread.php/41662-2020-Bills-Games-40-Minute-Condensed-Versions P.S. it has the full game for most of the weeks as well as the "40-minute/condensed version" too.
  12. The game that the Bills played better than Houston in, had a touchdown taken away because some mysterious rules arbiter outside the stadium basically felt that the Bills were stomping the Texans badly enough it wouldn't matter anyway, went to overtime, and ended up with the Texans a sub .500 team and the Bills competing for the championship the next year? If that's your definition of "breaking a team's will" I want some more of it.
  13. I had a subscription to SHOUT! just so I could get a portion of what we see on OBL these days. Looked forward to it and SI magazine. Nowadays there isn't much I look forward to getting in the mail.
  14. Right now - none, unfortunately. The region I'm in (Veneto) is "orange to red" through 6 JAN, and possibly longer. On the off chance you're seriously asking, of course it depends on where you're trying to get to. Let me know.
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