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Week 6: Chiefs at Bills (+5): Monday 5pm on Fox

Message added by Hapless Bills Fan

Titans Bills -> Week 5 Bills vs Titans Tues 7 pm thread


And oh yeah as per SOP, Ix Nay on the general Ovid-19 Cay

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1 hour ago, TBBills Fan said:



exactly!!!!   Embrace the suck, its us against everyone. It isnt fair, but we are still going to go out there and get the job done.  Preach that ***** all damn day Coach, this type of situation is where the coaches earn their money.  im confident our coach will have these guys more than ready to go with a plan that will be successful


Isn't that the Bills fans unofficial motto? I have been waiting until next year since 1967. :huh:


I do not wish the virus on anyone,  but I REALLY do not want any Bills getting the virus because of economics! 

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This seems absurd. You may be playing on Tuesday vs Tenn and then Sunday vs KC. But also be prepared to play just next Thursday vs KC. So if your prepping for a TENN game how can you also still prep f

They should move the Chiefs Bills game to the Monday night slot!

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On 10/8/2020 at 8:16 PM, Gene1973 said:

I mean, it was known by everyone before the season started there would not be a bubble. The protocols were negotiated, 2 days of no positives and game on, etc. I don't really understand why so many if you are freaking out. NFL is doing what they said they would do.

Some folks just like to freak out. Of course players must not spread it to their families and the "outside world" but you realize how so few have actually been sick? How people their age have a survival rate around 99.95%? We didn't know when it all started, but now if you look at STATS  it ain't that bad. I wish people would get a grip.


And yes, the Bills do get shafted here, especially compared to KC, but NFL had little leeway. Titans pay a very small price for their actions but it is what it is. What was the NFL to do here? It's the typical lesser of two evils.

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9 hours ago, transplantbillsfan said:

The Bills are playing on a Tuesday. Why aren't we just keeping up this trend of 2 MNF games so that our game is still primetime AND the competitive advantage issue isn't as big a deal as Buffalo gets an extra day to rest up by playing on Monday?


The NFL already has the template with the last couple Monday nights. Why isn't that an option?


It's a fair question.

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5 hours ago, PetermansRedemption said:

Saw this for the first time while visiting Europe. Had no idea reusable cloth existed. It didn’t seem like the most sanitary of options. 

You don't  use the portion somebody else used.  As you pull it down a clean  section comes out and dirty section rolls up.  It gets to end and they have to wash it. 


Still very gross.  But,  people should be touching it with already clean and freshly washed hands. 

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6 hours ago, transplantbillsfan said:


Yes. Sorry. I should've clarified.


Chiefs game is in the title as "later in the weekend" so I just assumed it'd be... well... the weekend.

It still could be on Monday, they haven’t announced. Schefter said Sunday but nfl has not. 

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The NFL isn’t finished with their investigation, but I’m sure they will be punished in some way as the league does not want an organization knowingly breaking the rules.  They are trying their best to keep a handle on this to the best of their ability.  The protocols are reasonable to try and minimize problems. 

As far as scheduling, I question if they needed to have the game on Tuesday to protect the players, especially the Bills players (Bob Papa made that point on NFLR yesterday although both he and the tool, Coach Weiss said the Bills are somewhat shafted as it’s not their fault the Titans broke the rules), but they should play the Chiefs on Monday Night.  I can only imagine they are holding back that Monday slot for another unexpected outbreak from another team.


I agree with you guys they should have placed the Bills on MNF next week.  As far as a prime time slot this week, they are getting that as the Tuesday will be a nationally televised showing.  The networks want as much in the ratings as possible given their prime time shows are still not airing yet.  Shows like Blue Bloods, SWAT, etc.

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