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Jimmy Spagnola

Youse ready for part deuce?

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So lets get this out of the way Jimmy - i'm going to make fun of you regardless of any outcome for trying to troll typing as north east jersey jets fans talk.


But I want to agree with you on something - this game was mainly on your HC, and organization on a whole.


I will disagree that your team had any shot of winning - even if they had a coach that was semi-competent. I think the talent gap is simply too high. The leas was 21-0 and should have been far worse. Also you mention the second half but you should probably note that the Bills 1) took the foot off the gas and 2) your TDs were results of a poor missed tackle and garbage time.


While I think the Jets are a rebuilding team (no O-line, not enough weapons on O, and middling at best cb/safety situation), I think they are far more talented than the showing on Sunday. I do not think, Talent wise - they are the worst team in the league... however the coaching has - for the moment put them there. In terms of just our own division, I can not see the Jets beating the Pats, I actually think the Jets vs Dolphins game will be a great way to see where both teams are.



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