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  1. Unless we get a 1st rounder for him - he's not going anywhere. I forget who I was listening to, but they brought up a very good point that another amazing season from Allen and Daboll is gone and Mitch might be his QB wherever he's going.
  2. Davis reminds me of Moulds a little bit. Never going to wow you with pure speed, but has everything else and somehow manages to get leverage or behind DBs
  3. Not to start a debate on this - but while this might actually be true (considering pick value) - How quickly have we become spoiled that an average player is the worth pick in a 3 to 4 year span?
  4. We clearly want another TE (upgrade if possible) just not at the current prices. If anyone is cut, i'd be shocked if we weren't one of the first to scoop up cast offs.
  5. I expect Allen to be slightly better this year. Another year of adjusting his form and getting it to be muscle memory, an actual off-season with his WR. Our O-Line hopefully getting to practice together prior to the season. Adjustments being made to fix the run game (hopefully). With an extra game, I expect him to hit 5000 yards passing this year.
  6. I get that - I truly do - but ask yourself, how many 1st round picks never pan out period. How many of our First round picks prior to our current team front office were just.... useless. Useless and Virtually Useless: Erik Flowers, John McCargo, Leodis McKelvin, Aaron Maybin The best of this bunch if Leodis McKelvin who single handily lost us more games than I care to count. Average to Above Average: Nate Clements, Donte Whitner, Marcell Dareus, Shaw Lawson Talented players that spent time on other teams and fizzled out. Character flaws and skill/ability limitations became more apparent when they wore different uniforms. Above Average to Great: IMO this is where Edmunds sits - more to the point, this is roughly where players, coaches, and football analyst consistently put him and I'm inclined to agree. Pretty Dam Awesome: Stephon Gilmore I mean this was a great 1st pick, and we couldn't keep him (nor did he actually want to stay - and I don't blame him considering how the organization was at the time). At one point he was thought as a the #1 corner in the game for a few years..... but at no point has anyone said he's going to the HoF. HoF - Slam Dunk Picks: Zero The hate he gets on these boards is absurd. I'll say it again, the short term memory of how poorly we drafted prior to the current administration coming in is staggering. Years upon Years of poor draft picks that either did not see credible playing time and/or were wasted picks seems to have been forgotten by many here. How many players did we draft that never saw a second contract or were traded to at least recoup some of the draft value. Look at how the team is viewed currently - a team with no glaring hole and simply in the need of star power at certain positions. More to the point, if I remember correctly, there are only 1 or 2 players on the team from before Mc/Beane (I want to say it's Hughs and the Long Snapper)? That says a lot about where we were before hand.
  7. For anyone that has a problem with Edmunds play - the issue isn't that he's an OLB playing MIKE - the issue is he's playing the ILB in a majority 4-2-5 def. Without a 3rd LB the majority of the time, he has added responsibility. Considering everything we ask of him, he does an above average job. Our D thrives on the ability to run an extra CB/S to cover routes and have the only 2 true LB on the field plug holes for the run. Essentially: 1) If you want to pass - by the time someone gets open our D-Line should have gotten to you - which didn't happen last year 2) if you want to run - we'll plug the holes and be gap sound - Which was an issue last year because we couldn't plug holes adding additional lanes for RBs to hit I would imagine there would be very few LB in the league that would perform better with the tasks asked of Edmunds. That being said - considering out D and his usage, it would take an incredible leap in his production and usage to become DPOY and I would say it is incredibly unlikely. He just isn't asked to do the things needed to stat stack for DPOY. He's almost the LB equivalent of what Star is to us - Looks poor on paper, but does the dirty/selfless job that allows those around you to thrive.
  8. The real question is, will this game beat the ratings from Bills/Dallas Thanksgiving Day Game
  9. Until Tua improves, I can't place them there. They remind me too much of the TT led Bills. Good enough to sneak into the playoffs.... MAYBE... with a lot of help, but not really a true threat for a deep run or the SB. Every other team there is right on our heels as of last year or have shown the ability to get into/push for deep playoff runs. You could maybe argue the Colts took a step back and that the Steelers are hanging on by the thread of Big Ben's arm. The long and the short of it is - Until he proves otherwise, Tua in my eyes is just a younger Tyrod Taylor when it comes to on field performance. I will say he has better running ability, but a less polished throwing form.
  10. So first of all, I see only two contenders on that list - one wall we've hurdled and the other one we need to deal with. Tua in no way worries me, Cam Newton/Mac Jones also does not scare me/ And The Jets? It will take more than a year to overcome those damages. You want to talk about teams we should actually worry about joining the fray your list should be: Chargers, Colts, Browns, and Titans. Second - and this is super important - you can't seriously think the cap will only be 192 million next year..... that singular point should make this thread null and void. What you're trying to argue is that some teams will have massive cap space next season, but of the teams listed I only see two proven franchise QBs and one has so far required a super specific offensive scheme to be successful. Having cap space does not really mean anything when looking at improvement - see every super team that didn't magically acquire Tom Brady The AFC hierarchy is currently: Chiefs Bills (Half Step Back) Colts, Browns, Titans, Ravers (Three-Quarter Step Back) Steelers, Raiders (Full Step Back) Everyone else
  11. I think this has to be penciled in as a B- on initial viewing. When we revisit this in 3 years we'll know if it was an A or D in reality. At the end of the day - the draft shows that we have utter confidence in our ability to coach up talent and are looking ahead to eventually have replacements for aging starters. It's also super hard to gauge this draft since it's the first time we didn't have a glaring hole. 2 DE's to hopefully replace aging vets. 3 OL's to be heir apparent and frankly you can't teach size. 1 CB to add to our competition, and frankly the Bills have been good at finding starter talent in later rounds here. 1 S because we're having our starters begin to age out. 1 WR that's a speed/return option in an already crowded position room Did I want other players? Sure. Recent draft history says I should probably trust these picks and coaching up by the team.
  12. I'm alright with the position - I'm just not sure how I feel about the player - then again this is a draft and stash.
  13. I have to be honest - when we were on the clock and with the board, I would have been happy with just about anyone of the top prospects. My feeling was and still is, our draft picks will directly tell us how the coaches feel about our current roster and our plans moving into the future. I could have justified almost any pick by the team.
  14. I think we need a better and more informed analysis on these players performances - there is a ton of Couch Coaching/GM people saying that those 4 players are bad/underperforming while those who actually work directly in the league or have experience playing/coaching at the NFL level suggest they are all doing just fine. Just throwing my 2 cents out here - but if nothing else the players you've mentioned are solid starters - just simply not HOF to Elite. While - yes - you would like for higher draft picks to produce better numbers - it is certainly not a total failure for them to be drafted and producing at the level they are doing so. More to the point - we are in an interesting position this year for the draft that I would imagine is extremely envious (or the saying "it's a good problem to have") in which, we are solely looking for that ELITE talent - virtually regardless of position - to upgrade solid starters because there are no true holes on the team. The only reason we are in this position is because we have - since the new Coach/GM dynamic was put in place - drafted very well (players are contributing and still on the team taking meaningful snaps while at least producing). It's fascinating how quickly people on the board have forgotten how bad we were at drafting, across all rounds, for the majority of needs, for SOOOOOO long.
  15. I'd guess Kelce gets it. Not often a TE almost has the most rec yards for the year.
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