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  1. I'm going to make a statement that many people probably aren't going to like. Draft Experts did not get Allen wrong. He was simply on of the few QBs that has actually made progress towards his ceiling when starting from what would be considered a low floor. This is a combination of many things - including Allen himself, but lets not sit here and ignore the fact that the organization has done literally everything in it's power to build around him to aid his improvement. New OL - far better than what we had with TT and JA's first year The Right OC - that uses an absolute TON of various looks, packages, and schemes and is just now able to scheme per opponent New Weapons - based on what he needs and how the NFL is trending If you don't believe me - We only need to look in our own division and see a player that had a much higher floor although lower end ceiling in Sam Darnold where he is dealing with: Just now getting a possibly good OL (year three and they are just/still addressing this) The OC/HC that is lauded as a QB guru is a sham His best current weapon is a very very old Chris Hogan (yeah yeah I know - Injures - but our depth at all the skill positions is far better) They weren't wrong - they nailed everything he'd need to work on. Josh Allen simply worked to improve while his organization did the same. This is not always the case and it's why 99% of project QBs go nowhere.
  2. I'd take it - although I think this next gen will be less controlled by a singular team (The Pats dynasty is an oddity due almost entirely to the rest of our division being virtually useless most of the 2 decades)
  3. I said this in another thread and I'll just expand slightly on it. It feels like Mahomes/Lamar are the next Brady/Manning, Josh Allen imo feels like the next Big Ben, and Watson kind of feels like the next Rivers. Keep in mind I'm saying this not only looking at the QB abilities but the teams they play for and how they are built. The season is young and this could all change, but that's how I currently see things.
  4. I want to throw an interesting idea out there - If we had pick Mahomes that year - he would 1) not have anywhere near the stats he has compiled to this point 2) we would not have been any faster to ascend from being a perennial bottom 10 team 3) due to the smaller market stigma that Buffalo suffers from along with points 1 and 2, he would basically be viewed only slightly more favorably than Allen has been
  5. Isn't this what gave him the most trouble last year - and was what the Ravens and Texans used against us?
  6. When we sign him - it will be an extension with guaranteed money - so we can essentially get that 4/5th year at still cheap for the year on the books.
  7. Normally, I like to say that PFF has it's place - but man.... they are just searching for a reason to put Josh down. They almost sound like conspiracy theorist sometimes.
  8. Honestly - while I like this throw - there have been so many "growth" throws over the first two weeks it's almost ridiculous. I'm sure playing the Jets and Phins has helped, but man.... just a clear improvement, even if you want to say it's purely conceptual. The Zack Moss TD throw (read #6?), the touch pass to Knox against the Jets, the Beasley 2 and 24 pass, the pass to Diggs when we were back up (watch the goal line view - the broadcast footage does not do that throw justice), and that Davis TD pass (literally only person who was going to touch the ball and only if he laid out for it). Really impressive start to the year - but like a broken record i'll say it again - it's all about improvement, even if it's just baby steps. Allen was a project and they have done a really good job of coaching him up. His throws/processing look nothing like his rookie year.
  9. He's a rookie on a very deep D-Line that does a ton of rotations - he's fine. It' literally a stashed pick for possibly replacing the aging vets.
  10. Our D-Line is doing a good job based on what I'm seeing. That being said - we get to go into this next draft and barring anything crazy, get to literally pick and choose hopeful improvements, or future replacements. There are very little "needs" LB/CB/DL/Safety Should all be things we consider in the next draft and in free agency.
  11. Check out the Baldy thread - he actually has footage in his review of the game - there was like 7 Phins on him
  12. "This kid just keeps getting better and better" That's it right there - that's all we've been asking for and needed. Progress. Not to jump on the cliche of the team ideal - but trust the process.
  13. I want to see a season (or more) on Burrows and Herbert (might as well throw Tua in there) before I give an honest evaluation. I'm currently more interested in 1) Tannehill - not as young but could be a force in Tenn - really seems to fit what they want to do there 2) Carr - Also not a young and I think better than people want to credit 3) Baker - I think he's good enough to honestly win a SB if he was in a good organization (and got some lucky bounces) - but I think he is stuck in an odd 2 step forward and 2 step back situation 4) Darnold - 100% think he's better than what we see and is being ruined by GASE and is currently regressing - time will tell if his career improves 5) Watson - Honestly, the Texans are the playoff gatekeepers of the AFC - the new Rivers/Chargers? 6) Lock - Was showing improvement - hope the injury isn't too bad - DEN clearly did for Lock what we did for Allen - needs more time to evaluate 7) Uncle Ricco - Can't tell if he's good or not - need more time - need to evaluate his supporting cast (possibly underrated)
  14. Did you see Rodgers last season? How about Brady last season? Brees is in the same category of stupidly good QBs - are you saying Allen should 100% have his name mentioned in that same tier after these last two games? I'm not ready to throw a crown on Allen''s head for beating up the Jets and Phins.... but I've bought the crown just in case. 1) QBs will have rough games 2) Mahomes - has been - and for the foreseeable future will remain - the most impressive pocket QB. He is really magical. Don't get me wrong - Allen has started out great and continues to show improvement.... but Allen is working his way to being a very good to great QB by normal standards. Mahomes is held to a completely different set of standards (partially due to his own ridiculous talent and partially due to the coaching/talent around him) 3) The Chargers D is very good - and - we can revisit this topic after we play them. As a team - they are loaded with talent and are only two years removed from a 12-4 campaign. Again, I want to point out that I like Allen, I have liked him since year 1, was on board with the draft pick for him, and I will 100% be in his corner if we're talking about his future, improvements, underratedness, and all that. But he is no Mahomes. What Brady/Manning/Ben were for nearly two decades is what I imagine Mahomes/Jackson/Allen will be.
  15. Not to put salt in the wound - but I think if my memory serves me correctly that year we actually became the first team to have a 4000 yd passer, 2x 1000 Receivers, 1000 yd rusher and NOT make the playoffs.
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