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Who was your all-time favorite player that was NOT on the Bills?

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Pat Tillman.    Still think the NFL should retire his number but I don't think they will.  

Barry Sanders.   It's still insane that him and Thurm were teammates at Okla St 

John Randle.   Undrafted to HOF

Current Player.   TJ Watt.   Such a great pass rusher.  I hope he gets more than 22.5 so he's not tied with Strahan.  Strahan was gifted the last sack and shouldn't have the record.    


Coach:  Mike Tomlin.   Pretty impressive stat to never have a losing season.   Seems like a respectable dude too. 


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Elway. Had eyes on the back of his helmet and avoided blindside sacks amazingly. So many comebacks. Remember coming back from hunting and Chiefs were up 13 with minutes left. No problem he calmly rallied Broncs to victory. Super fun QB era and he was so fun to watch 


October 4, 1992: The Chiefs were victimized by 8 of John Elway's 46 fourth quarter comebacks/game-winning drives, the most he had against one NFLteam.[5] Perhaps the most memorable comeback occurred on October 4, 1992, at Mile High Stadium. The Broncos trailed 19–6 late in the fourth quarter, and had not scored a touchdown in the previous 12 quarters. After the 2-minute warning, Elway threw a 25-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Mark Jackson to narrow the gap to 19–13 with 1:55 left. After the Chiefs subsequently went three-and-out, the Broncos returned a punt to the Chiefs' 27-yard line. Three plays later, Elway threw a 12-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Vance Johnson with 38 seconds left for a thrilling 20–19 comeback win

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Warren Moon. He was a very good QB. It was fun watching those Oilers teams from the early 90's and not just "The Comeback" but even when they played other teams.

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Posted (edited)
7 hours ago, Chicken Boo said:

Priest Holmes

Randy Moss

Ed Reed

Willie Roaf

Omg!!! I forgot about Priest Holmes. He was incredible. Best 3-4 year run of any player in history imo. So amazing. I rode him to 3 fantasy football championships.

Ill never forget the year I had him and Trent Green. I was down quite a bit in point that week. Then Green threw a screen to Holmes that went for like 90 yards and a TD. I wasn’t behind anymore. I had such an amazing team that year. Pretty sure it was 2003. 
Trent Green

Randy Moss

Terrell Owens

Priest Holmes

Travis Henry

Jeremy Stevens

 don’t remember who I had at D and K


I only lost one game that year. Only because Shaun Alexander went off on Monday night football to the tune of 5TDs and scored about 60pts. 

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9 hours ago, H2o said:

For me, as a kid, it was Randall Cunningham. He was different in that era of QB's. To see a guy with his athletic ability that could throw one of the most perfect spirals, it was really something. Then I was really hype for him when the Vikings went 15-1 in 1998. They should have gone to tye SB that year, but they choked against Atlanta. 


Randall Cunningham was my favorite non-Bill when I was a kid too. He made the most ridiculous plays that no one at the time was even close to being able to make. 

He was so fun to watch. 



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