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Who was your all-time favorite player that was NOT on the Bills?

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I am feeling a bit old LOL... and I need to go by Era


70s Jack Lambert

80s John Riggins

90s  Greg Lloyd

2000s- Larry Fitzgerald

current - I hate anyone not on the Bills... to soon for me to start liking them LOL 

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I will pick three players from the Bills rivals.


Brady - hate on the guy all you want but he is the GOAT QB.


Marino - hate the Dolphins but one of the best QB's to ever play the game.


Klecko - he should have been in the HOF a long time ago. Glad he got in last year.

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Big Ben.  The guy was under-rated and not given the same credit as the Manning brothers or Brady; and yet he disposed them in the playoffs.  He could make all the throws including the insane ones running to the left or right evading defenders.. He was a Josh Allen replica and I enjoyed watching the Steelers win the Superbowl during those days when our season ended in December.  Go Bills!

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Jim McMahon.  Just liked the way he played football.


For me, his most memorable season was one of his last - his 1991 season.  He was with the Eagles, and the Eagles were expected to compete for the Super Bowl that year behind what would become one of the greatest defenses in NFL history. 


Randall Cunningham is lost for the season with a torn ACL in the *first* game, and McMahon, as the backup, piloted the Eagles to a 10-6 record and into the playoffs, despite himself sustaining multiple serious injuries, including five broken ribs and barely being able to move his arm.



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Posted (edited)

Growing up it was John Elway. The guy had it all. He played the game so hard and had every tool in the belt. When I thought about what a quarterback should be, it was Elway. That is, until I saw Peyton Manning. Manning took it to another level, because he was the most cerebral football player I'd ever seen. When I saw Peyton rise up, it really made me appreciate the next level of football IQ. It wasn't just play against play, player vs player. it was 11 on 11 (or maybe 14 on 14) chess. Every player and every little nuance of their responsibility was something for him to analyze, utilize and adjust. It was breathtaking watching him line up into the mouth of a defense and then audible and hot-route guys into the perfect exploit.

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Going back to my youth here...


Joe Namath - my first memories of football


Fred Biletnikoff - when I was a kid playing receiver, I always wanted to be him


"Mean" Joe Green - beast on the field and I still love that classic Coke commercial


Kenny Stabler - loved his style; when he would screw up, he would shout to the players on defense, "Just keep it close!"


Earl Campbell - the "Tyler Rose"; ran with a real force (sadly he would pay for it later in life)


Ronny Lott - Toughness personified; dude had part of his finger amputated to avoid having surgery and going on IR


Matt Millen (as a player, not GM!) - smart, intense; helped multiple teams win Super Bowls


Mike Singletary (as a player, not coach!) - speaking of intense, who can forget those EYES!


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in the 70's - Bradshaw 

80's - Sweetness / also like watching Fouts as well 

90.s - Sanders, could have been the best of all time on a good team 

2000s - Brady all the way, love or hate he is the GOAT.. for now (Bills have a future one, if they can figure it all out) 


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