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  1. Patriots: Jake Bailey P= $1.6 million, Gunner Olszewski $1.75 million, Justin Bailey 3 year $6 million. Their coach is pretty sharp.
  2. The Bills contended last year while spending that much on special teams.
  3. Beane also traded Wyatt Teller. Let's not get too gaga.
  4. Scheme has nothing to do with missing tackles in the hole.
  5. For a really good team they have a lot of fat. Murphy, Kroft, Norman, and Ty Nsekhe are easy outs to clear some cap. Star should be gone or restructured. Morse gone or restructured. Addison and Butler Gone. Might even jettison Micah Hyde if I can find someone who can cover a tight end. Sign Feliciano and move him to center if Morse is gone. Otherwise keep him at guard. Darryl Williams worthwhile. Draft a guard or center, and a linebacker.
  6. Morse is overrated. Move him and his salary out. Bates might be an answer. Boettger is a nice backup. Ford is your left guard. Williams is your right tackle. Keep Feliciano at guard/center and draft a guard or center,
  7. One of those Lizard shape-shifter people that secretly run the world.
  8. We better find somebody who can cover a TE. They killed us all year. Disproportional amount of money spent in the secondary. Get a pick for him.
  9. People talk about how great the safeties and linebackers are on this team. Yet, we can't cover a TE-any TE.
  10. White is a solid cornerback. Nothing more. QBs to not avoid throwing at him. To be a top team you have to be able to rush the QB with 4. The Bills have to Blitz to get close against a good team. Stud pass rusher and a penetrating DT a must.
  11. Could have sat right where they were and drafted Odell Beckham as most draft analysts thought they would.
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