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  1. Braxton loved him too. Reggie McKenzie. Met him twice and he was always so positive about the Bills and the community.
  2. yoursports.stream watch whatever you want to.
  3. They need to draft players that get Tremaine Edmunds, and Taron Johnson off the field. First rounders are not needed for MLB and slot corners. Trade down unless there is pass rusher there.
  4. That one day he spent with the Jets must have been torture.
  5. That depends on what Isaiah Hodgins brings to the table.
  6. The source is dubious. I noticed there was another article on there that says NFL games are "scripted." The Q of sports.
  7. I think with his small body type he will continue to be injured. Move on from him.
  8. Edmunds is a mess as well. Regardless whomever is playing DT he constantly picks the wrong hole or over pursues in the hole. Watch the Newton fumble-there is a lineman driving him backwards 5-10 yards. He plays too upright. Likely he has the wrong body type for the position. Let Milano go. He is a China doll. Move Edmunds outside and sign or draft a true MLB.
  9. I love when people tell fans how to be fans. We don't all wave pow pow during the game. Some people enjoy looking at the team with a critical eye. You don't have to.
  10. Sadly he may be done. Big risk signing him, and it may have failed.
  11. Cody Ford can't find a position. AJ is a project taken with a second round pick. Edmunds is awful. Oliver has regressed. I know it will be unpopular but I think Allen is still a question mark. Beat a top team on the road and you are "the man." Not taking Mahomes is a historic mistake. As bad as the Nets taking Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan. Beane is a mess.
  12. Looks like an Outside linebacker to me. Unless he can put on significant weight and muscle.
  13. Lou Saban turned the franchise around twice and won championships. Levy took them to four Super Bowls. McDermott has never even won a playoff game. Not even in the conversation as yet.
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