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Rd 7, Pick 221: OT Travis Clayton

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  • SDS changed the title to Rd 7, Pick 221: OT Travis Clayton, South Florida
29 minutes ago, Shaw66 said:

I think this is an important point.   He might actually make the team as a special teamer.   I know that sounds nuts, but think about it for a minute.   Kickoffs are going to be unlike anything we've seen, literally.  Every player, including experienced players, are going to be learning completely new tactics about how make those plays.   So, unlike the rest of the game, Clayton is not going to be as far behind the curve as any ordinary position player.  At least of kickoff coverage.   Even on kickoff receiving, he just won't be as far behind the curve.   


Then, if he actually could have role on kickoffs, then you start thinking about about place kicking.   It's not out of the question to teach him to be an interior line blocker.   Not a ton of football complexity there.   Eventually, he might report as eligible on the kick coverage team, and he might be a great threat on fakes.   And it's not out of the question to put him on the kick block team, either.    All stuff he could more quickly than the complexity of playing on the offense or defense.  


I just read something that for him to make the practice squad, he has to clear waivers first.   He doesn't get a pass to the practice squad.  I doubt any team would sign him to their 53, sight unseen, but it is a risk.

I thought he just hit his head on the cloud so now he can stay cause he has a boo boo

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Maybe he's our Ziggy Ansah. For those that don't remember, Ansah was from Ghana and made it to BYU on a track scholarship. He ran a 10.91 in the 100 meter dash at 6'6" 280lbs (which is absolutely freaking insane). They pushed him into football but he had never even seen a snap before. They literally had to show him how to put on pads. Turned into a pretty darn good DE for his first 5 years before injuries derailed his career.

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49 minutes ago, Tim Tindale said:

Given how raw and athletic he is, I wonder about TE or FB rather than T.  Put the ball in his hands. 

extra practice squad slot is a nice advantage they give these intl guys. I think one of these guys will eventually contribute. And if nothing else add some quality camp competition as they develop. I like it.

11 minutes ago, JohnBonhamRocks said:

Smart move to make a 7th round pick actually stick with us with that extra practice squad spot. Keep betting on upside.


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Being an international pathways player, I don't think he'll count against the roster (like Christian Wade) if the Bills want to keep him around.  He pretty much has zero football experience, but phenomenal athleticism.  If he learns fast, he could be really good in a couple years.

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  • SDS changed the title to Rd 7, Pick 221: OT Travis Clayton
1 minute ago, boyst said:

Teach this guy how to lead block. Teach this guy how to carry the ball. Teach this guy basic routes for running back curl route and tackle flag route.

Same thing with this guy.


Id love to have a giant for situations where we need a giant. 

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I think this is the equivalent of when NBA teams don’t have room for a late first round pick to get minutes so they take a player whose going to play overseas for the next 2 years.


I think the Bills are hoping to slot him into that extra PS slot for international players

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1 hour ago, Warcodered said:

He played other "football" as well as rugby so that implies some pretty good footwork I'd think.

The boxing as well. Teaches you to use footwork and placement to generate leverage and power.


The size and athleticism are something Beane seems to like in tackles (Doyle and Spemcer Brown were both around 10 RAS).

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