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Has the final four replaced the SB as your most enjoyable sporting event!?


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On 4/8/2024 at 11:21 PM, DrPJax said:

Will always love the BILLS , esp the 90’s teams and their greatness, but imho the final 4 is more pure athletic joy to watch over the much hyped , but often predictable, often less competitive Sb! 


     For one thing tonight’s national anthem was performed beautifully , flawlessly , with no improvised runs or interpretation.  Done by a Native American who moved the crowd to chant USA, USA with no ongoing war , just moved by her performance which was fabulous and has replaced Whitney’s rendition imo ,{albeit it was still supporting the USA at a time of war}. Just my opinion , but thats how you show pride in your country with no political agenda. If that didn’t move you , maybe you are either very jaded or over medicated. 


      The quality of competition in march madness has been really good, and the meaning to each player , some of whom will never become pros , leads to the exhibition of passion pro sports fails to reach at this point. Now foes are just buddies, who share commercials, may even be teammates the next season, plus they are all highly paid and they know there is always  next year because there is no eligibility limit other than your teams needs / cap limits. However, there are 31 other chances to catch on.   The NFL  is a mans sport , and nothing can match the youthful  exuberance that we all Lose with time and experience. I loved the nfl/bills so much in my 20’s that iwent  to two superbowls.  Great experiences i was so happy to attend; yet now it is such a corporate , highly over priced event that there is no longer any amount of money you could pay me to be treated as nothing more than a commodity by a multibillion dollar business who still begs for taxpayors monies while holding communities hostage threatening to move  their franchises despite years of faithful support. 


      That leads to the actual players we are supposed to be fans of, enjoy their unique talents. Some live up to that lofty expectation and i salute those who somehow retain their humility. But then we are exposed to many criminals, many with children by several “baby-mommas” as if some badge of honor, and of course , the narcissists who speak about teamwork but whose actions prove they are only about their personal gains and are really not about anything but their “ bag”. It’s just not as prevalent in college and they still play for each other. enjoying possibly their only chance to win a championship. It’s a business still, but not as in your face as ‘THE SHIELD”  is. 

    Also , basketball is played much the same as it was in the 70’s , other than held balls and the 3 point line. Try and keep up with pro football , and the myriad of changes makes it hard to grasp each year   It’s  still way too often decided by too many part time refs and waiting literally on minutes for replay to still come back with not enough evidence or even frankly still wrong. Basketball doesn’t suffer from all the delays between plays , reviews, innumerable commercials .  Rare doe it have  Overhyped ,overextended halftimes.  It’s still a faster paced game. 


And never tell me about so called football experts, its plethora of podcasters that talk like they know more than regular fans, or all the draftniks who spend hours evaluation tons of mock drafts..  they are rarely even close and do all that wasted “film time” , as only 4-5 0f drafted players from each time will even see plating time. Yeah tell me experts have validity when almost 0 0f them predicted Diggs being traded. Actually criticizing any other opinion  sarcastically “because there was no way with that cap hit”!  It’s just proof , experts are no more than guessing amateurs and spending money on their “opinions” is just akin to scams. If you can’t predict a major trade like Diggs , how far off must your other advice be ?   


   But my main point still comes down to which event do you enjoy more?  The SB , with its multimillion dollar athletes who will do the same all over again next year , with little on the line for them personally as most have already made their fortunes , or the excitement of march madness who didn’t have 2 anthems sung to please its corporate crowd., and is still the same sport we basically all have played. I love the BILLS , but i really don’t care about the offseason that much. Because time after time , the season isn’t won until it actually counts.   The SB is good, most time anti climatic, but march madness and the final 4 is still ascending.  Give me a BILLS win and i might feel different,,,,but 55 years is a lot to ask!  Still, a great anthem tonight!  Great game tonight!  




Didn't know tonight was the final 4; don't watch; it and the SB are not my favorite sporting event.

Stanley Cup Playoffs!!!



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2 hours ago, Freddie's Dead said:

Neither.  It's the TdF for me.


Ain't no such thing.  Stanley Cup Playoffs, ***** is that?

If you don't watch hockey playoffs sir, you are missing out. Especially the 1st round- Absolutely wild

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Not really fair to compare the Final Four to the Super Bowl since the Final Four is three different games with four different fan bases taking at least 8 hours over the course of three days. It's different.


My top sporting events/tournaments:
1.  NFL playoffs (particularly conference championships + Super Bowl to do an apples-to-apples comparison)

2.  NBA playoffs. The intensity rises exponentially over the regular season. The COVID "bubble playoffs" was my favorite event in recent memory - Tremendous basketball with nothing else going on.

3. MLB. League championships/World Series. Used to be my favorite. Now? Slipping.

4. World Cup. Casual soccer fan, but again ... the intensity. Baseball someday will get it right with the World Baseball Classic. Playing for your country is still special in a way that playing for a team in a league just isn't in these days of free agency.

5. NHL playoffs. Same as soccer for me. Casual fan who starts watching a lot as the intensity rises.

6. Men's (and yes, starting this year women's) final four. Like a lot of other guys I started watching the women's games the last couple years and was stunned by how much the level of play has improved. Some classic games there, helped by the fact that the one-and-dones aren't a factor. Teams develop personalities the way the don't anymore in men's NCAAB.


That's more than enough.

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50 minutes ago, Freddie's Dead said:


Hockey?  What is this hockey to which you're referring?  Certainly not present in Buffalo.

National Spelling Bee > Stanley Cup Playoffs

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When Michigan has a good college basketball team I follow the tournament.  Otherwise, I barely pay any attention to it.  Its not a bad sport.  But can only focus on so much.  I am all in on the Bills and the NFL every week.  And I love College Football just as much.  My other sport is Nascar.  I can record the race on Sunday, and watch it during the week late at night after work.  

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The final four, and March madness as a whole is imo, a far more exciting and fun to watch sporting event especially when you happen to be a UConn, UConn, UConn fan, 😂, it’s great fun even when my team doesn’t win, just the looks on these kids faces throughout the tournament tells the tale, 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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