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Broncos @ Bills Game Thread - 1st half


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1 minute ago, Scott7975 said:

ahahaha Peyton conceeding the drive on 2nd and 20.

no, he is staying with his plan.  they are being patient playing low risk and running the ball.  All these attempts should pay off for denver in the 2nd half.  THey are going to take shots out of play action and look to get a 2 score lead so they can run the game down.


Buffalo has to somehow get a lead.  

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Just now, Aussie Joe said:

The D’s inability to get Wilson down is the difference in this game 

We need to use more draft resources and cap money into trying to improve our pass rush.  Sarcasm obviously.  You woukd think we had the greatest wall in all if football with the resources we have spent on it

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6 minutes ago, PBF81 said:




9-8 against Denver.  DENVER!!!  AT HOME!!  In a game that we really needed to show something!  


AND they're driving just before the half.  Could easily be 17-8.  


Man your expectations are low.  


Anyway, sleep well.  I'm going to bed at the half.  If we win, great, there's absolutely no excuse in the world for losing this game, we should win by 17+.  


Again, griping with each other about our team doesn't help.  We're all fans.  Some simply sick of underachieving with a generational talent like Allen and wishing we had better leadership for this team, which clearly now is the issue.  


Sleep well my friend.  :)



Was pretty impossible to be 17-8 with that playcalling 😂 Peyton gave up and gave the bills back the ball with time 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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