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I don't think he's washed. He was playing at an extremely high level before the injury. And there has been small visual improvements over the past couple weeks. 


Yes, he missed the tackle. But before that, he wouldn't have even been in position to do so. He's also gotten some pressures leading to others getting there which he hadn't been doing. Returning from an ACL on Defense is rough, as we saw with Tre last season. And I feel like we're seeing small improvements in his game quicker there than we were with Tre.


The issue is just getting back to full health and getting in the groove. I don't know what the answer is there because you don't want to give him too many reps before he's 100%, but on limited reps - it's difficult to get into a groove as a Pass Rusher.


He's had a total of 104 snaps over 5 games. That's really not much. Hopefully as they ramp him up, he'll get more comfortable and play better. It seems they've been saving him for the playoffs, but that's far from a given right now.

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17 minutes ago, RichRiderBills said:

What was worse was he was in there for run downs. 2nd and 6...2nd and 7....terrible McD moves. 

He shouldn't be in there at all.  He looks like 30%.  Deactivate him for a month because he's a shell of who he once was. We'll be lucky if we get one full healthy season next year before they release him.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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