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  1. Welcome to the new NFL, where a culture of inflicting damage has led to pre-game banter shifting from “X-s and O-s” to medical information on the effects of trauma on brain tissue.
  2. Yeah, I'm mad. I'm disgusted. I shouldn't be, because why bother, right? I'm mad that the best sport in the world has been destroyed by a culture of violence and the lack of accountability. That watching a football game has devolved into a contest of who can injure who, flags on every play, the blue pop-up tents. Endlessly reviewing some pointless 8 yard passing play for twelve different flavors of pass interference. Week-to-week it's about watching the injury report, and hoping your quarterback's scrambled brain gets pieced back together enough so he can count how many fingers the "unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant" is holding up. Arrgh. Sometimes you just need to have a temper tantrum after reading the 100th tweet from some mouth-breathing chowderhead saying Josh's brain got what was coming to it, and the apologist pundits tacitly praising Belichick's savvy defense for using just the right technique to mush a guy's face without getting thrown out of the game. Hyaachchahahahaha.
  3. It's absolutely sickening that the national narrative is that Allen "got what he deserved". Heck, even some people here are criticizing Josh for the fool-hardy pursuit of trying to gain yardage. Hell, if you are a quarterback, you should EXPECT that some guy is going to try to end your career with a cheap shot, so you'd best be sliding! Better yet, don't even bother getting off the bus because, ya know, those defenders just can't help themselves and if they see you in the tunnel they might succumb to their baser instincts and launch their helmet right into your face. You wear that tight dress to the party, and all bets are off, right?! This is the attitude that will ultimately destroy the NFL. Something happened where playing defense shifted from doing what you can to prevent the opposing player from gaining yardage, and now it is fully about inflicting the maximum amount of damage in the pursuit of taking your opponent out of the game. And can you blame defenses? Some scrub 5th corner or reserve defensive lineman can do next to nothing to impact the result of the game. Sure, maybe the stars align and that tackle can get a big sack, or the DB can do the unthinkable and score a touchdown. But honestly, there is no more impactful play that can be made than injuring the opposing quarterback. In most cases, it guarantees your team a victory. In some cases, it removes an entire team from season-long contention. All for the low, low price of 15 yards (or zero, in other cases). It's truly the best deal in football. Even better, we've now implemented the Concussion Protocol, so if your cheap shot head-hunting comes up a bit short and you don't fully end the guy's career, HE is the one that gets removed from the game. How sad is it that the narrative is that it was Allen's fault for not knowing his place, and not EXPECTING to get his head targeted by a guy looking to end his career. Ya'll spouting that garbage should be ashamed of yourselves.
  4. I love how when it’s your guy, everyone forgets how long serious hamstring injuries (the ones that make you start hopping on one foot while grabbing the back of your leg) take to heal. It’s a month or so. He wasn’t going to play this week, nor will he play next week. It’ll be fine. Just relax
  5. Was pretty sure I'd know exactly which posters would be chiming in here. Was not disappointed
  6. Friendly reminder to take deep breaths and relax. Give it time and this too shall pass.
  7. Guess we'll see. Teams generally do rush rookies with soft tissue injuries back as quickly as possible, so you could be right!
  8. He felt his hamstring go in such a way that while still on the field started hopping around and grabbing the back of his leg. He isn't playing this week, and it's probably best to plan for a month absence to let it fully heal. This isn't our first hamstring rodeo, friends.
  9. I'm ashamed of a lot of the things I did at the Ralph during my season ticket twenties. You'll grow out of it too, but feel free to get a jump on things if you'd prefer not to have the memory of drunkenly harassing an opposing fan wearing the jersey of a player who had died and having an older lady look at you in horror and shame in her eyes and tell you to have some class.
  10. Bit of friendly advise: Let yourself be happy. I understand and that being happy and hopeful and optimistic can lend to feeling emotionally vulnerable. Nobody wants to be hurt, but you can make the decision to let the positivity in. But cmon y’all - it isn’t healthy to go out and win two road games in the NFL with your quarterback balling out and opening the eyes of the world and agonize about the extra interception he COULD have thrown.
  11. In my non-expert opinion, the way he came up lame and did the hamstring hop tells my crystal ball he's out for 4 weeks. Who knows tho.
  12. Don't fixate on completion percentage - watch your QB in the pocket, watch him feel the rush and slide around accordingly, and watch whether he pushes the ball down the field or not. Then watch some other games and feel bad for the 20 teams in the league that have medium minus quarterbacks.
  13. The line balled out today, and Ford's penalty was both called for and a mandatory reaction, especially after someone took a cheapie at Josh last week. Completely standard.
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