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  1. Are you saying that you could invest that in the market and return 100% by January? If you are saying that the expected return of most sports bets is around -5% and you can do better than that, I agree.
  2. $100 on Bills to win Super Bowl at +10000. Feel great about it.
  3. Draft a QB. Protect him. Acquire the weapons. Simple three step process. Step 3 is bolstered significantly by accomplishing the first two - elite free agent WRs don't pick teams with bad qbs. Don't overthink it
  4. Now now, he doesn't want to hurt people. He just wants to aggressively snuggle them until they fall asleep.
  5. My sense is that you'd rather be a UDFA than a 7th round pick for precisely the reason Coach Tuesday espoused above. Picking your landing spot is huge. My gut tells me this is probably true for 6th rounders too, but I don't have evidence to support that.
  6. Not a DK guy, but using Boston as the counter-point doesn't really do what you think it does. Boton's athletic gifts ABSOLUTELY translated to the NFL, as evidenced by his 2001 season where he caught a hundred passes for 1600 yards and 8 TDs - the 22nd best single season for any receiver in NFL history. His failings, unfortunately, were more of a personal nature than a physical one, and he never got to fully live his potential.
  7. I think that sometimes it is a good idea to build your roster with an eye to the future, and not always make reactionary picks as holes develop (the "whack a mole" approach).
  8. There are a bunch of different kinds of speed - the 40 measures only straight line top end raw speed. Which is super important and I think in pretty much every case, the faster the better. But, it isn't the whole story as running backs rarely get a 40 yard lane to accelerate through. Acceleration in particular is the trait that most people think of when they watch "fast" players on the field. Kareem Hunt is an oft-cited example - he ran about the same 40 time as Singletary and I don't know many people who wouldn't call hunt "fast" - he broke plenty of long touchdowns. Their 20 yard short shuttle and 3-cone times were also fairly similar. Not to say that Singletary's measurables will translate to the field in the exact same way, but why not cross our fingers and hope for the best. I said before, if Singletary ran 2 blinks faster, he'd have been a top 10 pick. That scenario certainly benefits from the hindsight of now knowing exactly where everyone else was picked (a luxury that GMs don't have while the draft is in progress), but I think the masses would have generally been in favor of that as well. Definitely would be taking a considerably worse TE prospect (imo), and taking a RB that almost certainly won't play in 2019 due to lingering issues with his surgically repaired knee. Winovich seems like a solid edge prospect that was worthy of selection.
  9. Make the choice to be happy and hopeful. We've spent the last 10 years seeing monsters under the bed (turns out they were under there too, unfortunately). I'm choosing to expect this team to compete for a championship this year. It'll be more fun for me that way
  10. Not disagreeing with your overall sentiment, but we're talking 1/10ths of seconds, not 1/1000ths.
  11. Fans always are tempted to reach on WRs in part because most of them interact with the league mostly through fantasy football. People love to draft players from their favorite team, and selecting DK Metcalf would give them a chance to make the magic happen.
  12. Certainly a well-reasoned post that I can't really take exception to. Though one could make an argument that Dak Prescott having a starting NFL QB gig lends some credence to the premise that a stud OL can help make a QB thrive. You know, cuz he stinks You're right though, it's all a philosophical thing, and there are hundreds of variables that can't be controlled for. Things change, players come and go, get injured, and new crops of players enter the league every year. It's a dynamic thing, but I at least think we're _TRYING_ to do something methodical and reasonable, as opposed to what at times seemed to be randomly adding players willy nilly.
  13. This this just an attempt to say that third/fourth round picks generally don't tend to be lead pipe locks to be successful NFL players, or a shot at the guys we took in particular? Care to toss out a couple guys taken after them in the third/fourth that you are certain will be NFL stars? Can't tell if you're just making a statement about the odds of these later picks succeeding (which I generally agree with), or that we puked on ourselves and left the studs sitting out there (more dubious of this claim)...
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