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  1. That doesn’t mean the Bills weren’t in on it, does it? Or does it mean, in your world, that only the team that signs or trades for a player has interest?
  2. The Bills went into Miami in October 1987, the first game after the players lockout ended, fell behind big and rallied for an OT win. That day began the dominance of Miami. Since that day the Bills own a 49 win 28 loss record against Miami. Here are highlights of that game:
  3. Have we? Because there were reports the Bills were in on D-Hop.
  4. Sorry, but Hill is not the reason we drafted Elam. We drafted Elam because Tre White was coming off an ACL and our other starter, Levi Wallace, left.
  5. Nah. We miss the early 90’s. 3 prime time games at most and 13 ”day games” with the vast majority of those being at 1pm.
  6. I think AJE will be key to this weeks game. Tua gets the ball out so quick I believe the best way to attack him is to bull rush and get your hands up. Taking it wide and you’ll be ineffective. I believe he’s our best DE at doing just that.
  7. Bills 51-3. Then SB 25. I don’t think Miami will be over confident. If anything, they’ve had this game circled after the playoff game last season. I expect Miami’s best effort. And a Bills victory.
  8. The Bills don’t need to change who they are on offense. That would be a huge mistake,
  9. Every single tackle in the NFL is going to get help against the likes of Crosby and Washington’s ends.
  10. Yeah, our offense totally sucks. From the files of “I need something to B word about”.
  11. So, is Harty, Sherfield, Shakir and Knox also a waste because they haven’t exactly had eye-popping stats. It’s a long season. You’ll see all of the above mentioned play a needed role as we move along.
  12. Well, he brings a physical presence and speed. You have to believe the Bills may want to jam receivers at times in an attempt to give the defensive line an extra half second to get in Tua’s face and get their arms up. Seems to me that this particular matchup is where Elam’s skills could be a factor.
  13. Did I say he was going to be a difference maker? I believe this is a game where you dress more DB’s and sit a player along the d-line. Miami has some serious speed and it would be nice to match that speed. I think we can sit Jonathan Kingsley and dress Elam for this specific matchup. To not at least attempt to utilize a physical speed guy in a game like this would be a mistake. Just my opinion.
  14. Miami put up 70 on a ***** team. Still, that is impressive. They put up 24 against the hoodie and 30 something against a garbage Chargers defense. The Bills defense has looked rather impressive against 3 not so good offenses. To me, this looks a lot like it was last year between these teams with the exception of the Bills defense is very healthy and Tua seems to be as well. Bills win 37-26.
  15. This is what happens when you get viruses from watching porn.
  16. Dress Elam. More speed in the defensive backfield should help. I wouldn’t be if I were you, either. Josh Allen and the Bills have had your teams number for quite some time now.
  17. Could be the game we see Elam dressed with that speed of his.
  18. No, they aren’t. They scored 20 against the Cardinals and 35 against the Broncos. Are you saying the Broncos have a good defense?
  19. Fish score seventy. Miami against the Bills. Bills aren’t the Broncos.
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