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  1. Honestly, your act is getting old. As is yours. Name a contending team that has crap at QB.
  2. The NFL needs to make a serious statement here. Anything but a long suspension, or even an expulsion from the league, will look like a further attack on women and a wink and a nod to sexual predators.
  3. You're a special kind of stupid, huh? You believe everything the kid publishes in his manifesto with the exception that he is a self admitted Authortarian Left Winger, hates Conservative people and hates FOX News. I bet you think your President isn't a racist either. Face it, your side has a long, LONG hostory of racism.
  4. Especially interesting knowing Sleepy Joe’s racist past. I guess he thinks nothing comforts black people more than a racist.
  5. No. He spewed the same racists rhetoric that the guy you voted for President spews. Repeat....this killer hated Conservative's, FOX News and right wing beliefs. Why? Because he is a self-admitted Authoritarian Left Winger. He most likely enjoyed the same news shows that you do. Are you going to take a shower tomorrow when your President comforts the black community of Buffalo knowing his past of racists comments? Should I post them for a refresher?
  6. https://www.westernjournal.com/buffalo-suspects-manifesto-revealed-5-statements-proving-wasnt-christian-conservative/ Wrap your pea brain around it, Tibs. The kid was a Left Wing lunatic that denounced Conservatives and Fox News.
  7. Authoritarian Left Winger. Many racists included in that group. Your President is one. Deal with it.
  8. LOL...like I said, having a hard time accepting he was an extreme Leftist, huh Tibs?
  9. Are you saying Leftists don't believe in that? This kid was obviously on the Left. Having a hard time dealing with that, huh? Afterall, your President has a history of making racially charged comments.
  10. It's funny when people point to kids racially charged manifesto (rightfully so because it is his words) to show his state of mind and why he committed this mass murder but dismiss his words saying he was an "Authoritarian Left Wing" in his political views.....but that can't be true because Leftists are never racists or own guns.
  11. Of course you'd respond with a cute little laughing emoji because you have absolutely nothing of substance to offer. The great thing about the legal system in New York is you need probable cause to make and arrest and beyond a reasonable doubt to convict at a trial. Not maybe's and could be's without any proof like you think it should be.
  12. You seem to know that they knew something. Owning guns is LEGAL. Owning ammunition is LEGAL. Owning body armor is LEGAL. So, again, tell us what you know that the parents knew what this idiots was going to do. Show us proof. You made the statement.
  13. You get hit with body armor on and you will go down. Not to mention he surrendered once other weapons showed up.
  14. It's too bad more people weren't armed and took the pos out.
  15. They were all so happy to sign their deals and be here!
  16. Hope they can keep it up. I'd love to see a Yankees/Dodgers WS for good old times sake.
  17. Thanks. We were all confused until you cleared that up.
  18. When have we ever had an issue playing in Miami early?
  19. You didn't enjoy the Bills v Jets color blind bowl?
  20. I smell Keith Ellison all over again.
  21. Good. Come out strong! Made sense the whole off-season. Fans will be tining in to see Josh Allen and the Bills. The Rams are second class.
  22. I liked the late Thanksgiving Day game last season. I am not a fan of the early game. That's right during chow down time.
  23. Especially for Pittsburg.
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