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  1. That there is going to be a remade Happy Days, only with black characters, and he's going ghe be The Fonz.
  2. He probably won't see the field this year but if you have watched Daniel Jones play you'd know that there is most likely going to be a QB competition with the G-men next training camp. And why wouldn't he have a clear path as the Giants backup?
  3. The chance to take the field is a bad career decision? Who in hell wants a QB that doesn't want to see the field? Even as your backup?
  4. And what happens when three years after the stadium opens and the Bills have a new HC and GM that prefer power football? Tear the dome off the stadium?
  5. I'd rather have Josh Allen as my QB than Mac Jones in bad conditions....or any conditions.
  6. Good hire by LSU. Kelly lifted that Notre Dame program. He will be able to focus more on recruiting football players now and not just student/football players.
  7. This truly is a week to week league. If the playoffs were starting now it would be the Patriots because they are the hottest team. I expect that to change in the very near future. Good question but I have no answer.
  8. The outcome of this game will come down to one thing. If the Bills o-line plays well, they will win. If not, nope.
  9. And the scummy Left is absolutely OK with the media supporting their agenda. There are more important things to report....like a domestic terrorist father upset about his daughter being sexually assaulted in a school.
  10. They remind me of what the Bills don't match up well against. Physical teams that are disciplined and will punch you in the mouth. The Fish last season never scared anyone physically.
  11. That game (Auburn) was something. If Bama doesn't bring their A++ game against Georgia, they won't have a chance.
  12. We won two games in the playoffs at home last season, did we not?
  13. We need to hope a good veteran CB goes temporarily crazy this week and kicks his coach in the balls or something and gets released.
  14. I stopped right there. I keep hearing this and I have yet to see the factuality of that statement on field.
  15. With the exception that there have been examples of it having to do with reality over the years. So, babble on.
  16. Sure, it could but will it? No fan can answer that question right now. Only the Bills can. It will be interesting to see if the Bills can reach down deep. If they have the heart of a Champion.
  17. Whatever. I made a statement. Do you believe yourself that Matt Breida "transforms" our offense?
  18. The type of injury where the offense, defensive line, and defensive schemes need to pick up the slack. It can be done and needs to be done. Bruce Smith missed the majority of the 1991 season and was largely not effective in the games he was available to play. The Bills still went to the Super Bowl that season missing one of the greatest ever to play. Our defense is loaded with talent. Next man up and the whole team can overcome this tough loss.
  19. Matt Breida transforms our offense. I now think I've heard it all.
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