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  1. No offense but you take is hot garbage. For three quarters the Ravens pummeled the Dolphins.
  2. I’m expecting both. A loss tomorrow and winning the Lombardi in February.
  3. Yeah, but I still see the Bills as the best team in football and lifting the Lombardi in February. Just think the Ravens are extremely fortunate to be catching the Bills right now.
  4. Who gives a ***** about Miami fans or that team? They’ll be close to .500 at the end and not a factor. with Tua or Bridgewater.
  5. It won’t naturally heat up to make a big difference for thousands of years. Miami may be looking for a new stadium by then.
  6. I don’t disagree. However, a doctor should be able to see Tua stumble and fall, right after the back of his head smacking off the turf, and call BS.
  7. I don’t spend my money on drugs but I have been known to spend a few dollars on guns. Some real nice ones! You’re from North Carolina?
  8. Right. That’s exactly what I’m getting at. He still may have played. He also may not have. Maybe this will force a mandatory out for at least a game? I don’t know. I guess it still boils down to his original prognosis against the Bills.
  9. I’d like to see the stats on your last statement before commenting further.
  10. What would have stopped him from playing last night if he didn’t go back 8n to the Bills game?
  11. My question is, even if Tua was not allowed to go back in the Bills game would that change what happened to him last night?
  12. If it was a back injury why didn’t Tua just go to the tent?
  13. Well, since he is a Bills and most of us here are as well…..
  14. I am not a Dr., but I think common sense is that the Miami Dolphins will not put Tua back on the field for at least a few weeks. For one, Bridgewater is just as good and two, imagine the ***** storm if he got concussed three games in a row while an investigation is on-going. I bet we don’t see Tua until late October/ early November.
  15. The Bengals are doing everything they possibly can to give this game away. It’s almost like watching last weeks game with the exception of the Bengals aren’t dominating the Fish like the Bills did.
  16. Meh. I feel for the guy but I think you are being a tad dramatic with that statement. I will have no issues watching the second half all the while hoping Tua is OK.
  17. I don’t know. personally I believe Bridgewater is as good if not better than Tua. I don’t see a downgrade but I am saying that meaning I really haven’t been very impressed with Tua to begin with.
  18. I question if we will see Tua before November.
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