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10/22/23 GAMEDAY Bills at Pats* Pregame Thread


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12 hours ago, Chandler#81 said:

Yes, we seem to be struggling to overcome devastating injuries on Defense. We’re better than the 2 most recent teams we faced but only managed to squeak past one of them. Now, we’re without our best DT going on the road for another Division game. But no one cares, especially our future opponents. We’re only 1 month into Autumn and we’re already beaten up as if it were the 1st week of Winter. Brandon Beane has really stepped up filling in the back end of our roster and now these guys have to enter the spotlight and shine to further our dream. Surprisingly, it’s our Offense who’s struggling while our injury ravaged Defense is holding up. 

I guess it’s a good thing we’re playing the deservedly worst Division team in New England*. How many years has it been since that could said? They really are a mess and their QB is a bust. Yes, they’re ravaged with injuries as well, but they didn’t have much to begin with. It’s a gift from the football gods that we’re in arguably the softest stretch of our schedule and we need to capitalize on this opportunity! The Pats* are among the Leagues lowest ranked Offense AND Defense. Unlike last Sunday night, we can’t afford to let them stick around and start believing they may win. That’s on Dorsey and the Offense to get off the schnied and score early! 

Dorian Williams was impressive last week and shows real potential. But it’s Matt Milano he’s replacing which is no small task. Von Miller continues to show optimism to return to form and Sean has shown there’s no rust in his Defensive play calling and film study on opponents tendencies. But suddenly, there’s a big hole in the middle of the Dline and a just signed this week grocery bagger has been activated. All the more reason for Gabe Davis to actually make catches and not lose the ball and Bass to fine tune his accuracy. If last week was a ‘get right’ game, then this week is a ‘Get Going!’ game. With Miami playing the Eagles, there’s all the incentive needed to climb back into a tie for 1st Place. Weather shouldn’t have an impact but our Offense better have! Expect the Pats* to throw the kitchen sink at us today. Lose and their season is virtually over.





“We” I’m not part of the team, and neither are you?  If you are on the Buffalo Bills’ payroll let us know. 

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1 minute ago, FrenchConnection said:

Hey, I need some advice. I'm looking to bring my 20yo son up to Highmark for the game on Thursday. It will be his first game in Buffalo. Should I buy tickets now or wait until closer to the game?

Scalpers have kids too.  Buy the tickets from them just before you enter the stadium.

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17 minutes ago, RunTheBall said:

That and they are all WAY over sensitive to criticism. I enjoy Cover 1 content and for the casual fan I think it adds a little something.


Since they exist on twitter they get the majority of their feedback from the loud mouths of the fan base and then generalize those opinions to all Bills fans. I tend to think the majority of Bills fans who really follow the game are more intelligent than twitter douche’s and have more nuanced opinions.


Just because Filthy Beast is out there calling for McD’s head and rooting for the Fish doesn’t mean the majority of Bills fans are




The video they did yesterday “educating” everyone on what realistic expectations are and as you said blanket statements about the impatience of the Bills fan base.


Greg Tompsett is dismissive.


But also, not the fans fault for the Bills GM coming out and talking about how Hines was going to be a weapon out of the backfield (reality is he touches the ball 11 times in 9 games), or Beane talks about Kincaid being a “big slot” and where has that been, or how Kincaid and Knox present mismatches to the defense, but you add up their involvement and it’s 200 yards and 1 TD in 6 weeks. 

We get told how hard Gabe works, ok.


So sure on average the Bills have great stats offensively. 

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Not overly stressed about the game overall, but if I were to pick one player I worry about on the Pats* offense, it would be Gesicki.  He's not a great TE, but for whatever reason, he always makes big plays against us.  Other than that, if we score over 20, we should win easily.  But with our offense not looking right at all the last couple weeks, I want this to be a get right game and for us to score over 30. 


I want to see a faster start and for us to get some consistency on offense.  I want to see more play action and running from under center and I want to see Kincaid get involved in the intermediate passing game.  What I don't want to see is more than 2 shotgun sprint draws the entire game and going to shotgun on 3rd or 4th and a foot to go.  In other words, I want to see common sense from the offensive coordinator.  Don't make the game harder than it needs to be.

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3 minutes ago, muppy said:

a drink doesn't have to be alcoholic. How about a nice cool glass of water?


Go Bills!


That's no fun Muppy!


1 minute ago, FrenchConnection said:

Water is all I drink during day games. I want the rest of my Sunday.


I've learned moderation in my old age.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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