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We’re on to the draft!


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Let’s hope they overreach on another D lineman and completely neglect the o line again.


Just now, BigBadBills said:

I don’t even trust Beane anymore. He’s whiffed on a lot of picks 

Ya He’s been a pretty average drafter.


He hit on Josh Allen, that was the big one.


Besides that? A ton of whiffs

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LG and RT 100% need replacement. Argument could be made for RG, but lowest priority. Add in possibility of a Morse retirement and next season could be brutal. Maybe we need a down year to overhaul OL/WR, not sure we can get all this done in 1 FA/draft.


Theres going to be some big turnover on Def starters, what scares me most is the temptation to address that on day 1 or 2. Def should start day 3, no earlier

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Just now, Bangarang said:

I’ll say it, Beane is mediocre at drafting. 

His resume outside of Allen is not good. 

When it comes to the 2nd round, he might be the worst I’ve ever seen. Not a single difference maker: Ford, Epenesa, Basham and Cook.



No you’re absolutely right.


I said that mid season and got ripped on.


But he is a very mediocre drafter.


A couple of descent day 2/3 picks, but overall too many whiffs

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6 minutes ago, DCofNC said:

The trenches have been dominated when it matters, it’s time to upgrade.

Yea I don’t think they 8th DL off the board is the guy that solves this 


unfortunately I suspect it’s an interior lineman. Hopefully not just a replacement of Morse. 

WR should be the pick 

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