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  1. They should do a 30 for 30 on that game. What if I told you that you can win the turnover battle 6-1, score on defense and special teams and still lose a football game? Only in Buffalo
  2. Still going with the narrative that ESPN hates the Bills huh?
  3. McDermott seems like a players coach who isn't afraid to tell you that you're sucking out there.
  4. I honestly don’t care about those two plays. The game still went to OT and we had two possessions. I just don’t think he can fix his deep ball accuracy. I equate it to Tim Tebow trying to fix his throwing motion. I hope I’m wrong but two seasons of overthrowing open receivers has me incredibly worried. at this point I’m much more comfortable saying we’re a qb away from being a super bowl contender than saying we’re a super bowl contender.
  5. No considering my last two memories of him are going backwards 50 yards and pitching it back to no one.
  6. A lot of needs have been met and we still have an opportunity to add more contributors in the draft. But it can all go wrong because I still don’t trust Allen...
  7. Beane is always looking to upgrade positions, why not at QB?
  8. I really don't care about heights. A lot of 6'4+ wrs struggle in route running and need to be thrown open. Very tough to find those guys late in the first round too. Usually it's guys like AJ Green and Julio Jones who go very early in the draft.
  9. No the Cardinals filled their WR need beautifully. This was not beautiful. Not terrible but not beautiful.
  10. I'm sorry in what world was Josh Allen good at the deep ball last year? He was literally one of the worst.
  11. Those picks become very valuable when you want to move up in earlier rounds to get your guy. Also Beane has shown he can find value in late round picks. I don't mind the trade but let's not act like 4th and 5th rounds picks are worthless.
  12. Is he going to love him when Allen is overthrowing him? I mean Kirk is one of the league's best deep ball passers.
  13. Doesn't he get mad when the Balls don't come his way? Wasn't he yelling at his QB last year too on the sideline?
  14. Seriously dude be more diverse in your everyday life. Make friends with some Tyrones and Joakims. Your questions will answer themselves.
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