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  1. I feel like I would have a really hard time deciding between the white or the blue or the color rush red.
  2. Back in 2003 in the middle of the Iraq war, my social studies teacher made us all write thank you notes and color hand drawn flags. Never understood the importance of that activity until I was much older.
  4. In my defense I think all sports talk radio is trash besides Dan Le Batard show and I only like that show because they realize how stupid sports talk really is.
  5. Jim Rome really booking the top athletes on his show I see
  6. Beane: Somebody please give us a 5th round pick for McCoy
  7. Wait people think he was worth the first round pick? Shirley you can't be that stupid.
  8. Best part about this pick is that hopefully we can get rid of Shady now.
  9. I honestly wanted him over Hockenson. I think he will make a more immediate impact and I am all in for the playoffs this year. This defense is going to be so scary
  10. I’m not too mad at the EJ pick because the alternative was Geno Smith or Matt Barkley. The biggest problem was going into a draft and being set on drafting a qb even if none were worthy of being selected highly. I’ll go with Watkins for both what it cost to move up and get him as well as the talent at wr that was selected after him.
  11. The Atlanta Falcons select RB David Montgomery Last year the Falcons slipped to 27th in rushing and their record declined as a result. This year they draft Jawaan Taylor and Montgomery to get back into the top 10 and try not to be as one dimensional. @Logic you're up
  12. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/04/17/bills-not-scheduled-for-any-primetime-games-in-2019/ Can someone please explain to me how Thanksgiving against Dallas isn't considered primetime? It's always the most watched game of the year. If both teams are 9-6, there is a chance it could be a win and in situation which means a flex to Sunday night. Ugh, I have to adjust my pants all of the sudden.
  13. I'd love more details on the week 16 games. Never seen the NFL have the ability to flex days like that.
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