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  1. Because Tyrod threw the ball it was a bad pass. Had Allen thrown the same ball, it would have been all on Zay. I think we all know why that is.
  2. The only real question is whether JA will get his first 300 yard passing game? I say yes
  3. JA was gonna take a leap this year though! Too bad Charles Clay is no longer on the roster to blame this year.
  4. Remember when JA was better than Tyrod. I mean it had more to do with skin pigmentation than anything but still funny.
  5. The sky will be falling if we lose this one right similar to 2012 when the Jets blew us out? Dibs on making the "we would have won if Tyrod was our QB thread" if we lose
  6. Why are we playing Frank Gore in the preseason? 15 years in the league should be enough to get a good feel for the type of player he is no?
  7. I really hope we are saving the good plays for week 1 because that was a brutal first quarter
  8. Got lucky with a roughing the passer. Stupid pass by Josh
  9. Can we stop playing starters in the preseason please
  10. This season is going to be filled with one score losses where the offense doesn't score enough points isn't it?
  11. I am officially sick of Zay trying to "put everything together"
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