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  1. I like the ones where they call Brady a lady because it shows how superior men are than women!
  2. Oppressing minorities isn't enough for you huh? Need more?
  3. Actually it would be like them changing it to Washing White Trash. Which coincidentally are the only people who want the name kept.
  4. I like how every time I call them the racial slurs on here a mod deletes my post. I wonder if that will change now
  5. You can’t really argue the BB had outcoached McDermott every time they’ve played and Josh Allen still hasn’t figured out the pats defense especially the all out blitz. I mean it’s kind of embarrassing how good Brady looked against our defense in week 16. Basically his only good game in the last 8 weeks of the season.
  6. I sincerely hope you’re joking
  7. Pats fans are going to love him kneeling for the anthem.
  8. Remember when Mike Lombardi said the eagles needed to fire their coach to have any shot at a Super Bowl. Then they won the Super Bowl with a backup two months later? He’s a complete moron.
  9. Josh's response should just be to post this on his twitter/insta:
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