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NFL Week #12 - Bills at the Lions - 2nd half game thread


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Just now, BillsFan130 said:

90 Yards coming here easily, offence has been looking  great

Our route tree is limited. They know what Gabe can do and that's all he can do. We have to hide it. We have to do play ***** action. And I'm going to scream that from my very soul.


Come out with some runs, use Knox on a pass route a time or two.  Then just run Gabe deep as soon as we get a first down. 

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Just now, UKBillFan said:


Because that means the defense will be back on the field quickly?


Right, the previous insult worked... this team are ridiculous, everyone should be fired.



You know, try to change things up because we need points?


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Just now, Drifter said:

I don't have faith in the offense.  Couldn't say that in a few years. 

I agree. I don't know if I want them

tomrun or throw. This is a bad bad defense and we can't move the sticks. We falling, dropping, not turning around and throwing balls in the turf. Idk what to say beyond that. 

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