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Excluding JA , predict which player will have the biggest impact - Steelers at Bills


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The Steelers are the team I don't like most in the NFL.


One of the reasons I don't like them is because I used to live in PA when they were good and we were smack dab in our long drought. Another reason is some of the fans are insufferable. Some think they'll be able to convert you to being Steeler fans. One time, one lady fan found out that I was a Bills fan. She looked right at me and said, "Why do you even live here?". This was at Wal-mart, not the stadium. 😂🙄


I hope we destroy the Steelers on Sunday, and even with the injuries, I think we will. I'm not concerned with our D against a rookie QB starting their first game. Plus, our defense has been playing lights out no matter who we've had in there or who we've played against.


So, my focus turns to the O. With Knox out, Davis with the ankle and McKenzie as a unknown still for the game, I'm going with our man, Diggs. He's dominated teams this year and I expect no different in this game. With Watt being out, this should allow the line to focus a little more on Hayward which gives Josh a little bit more time to get Diggs on the intermediate and deep routes. Diggs with a monster game again.


Who ya got, Bills Mafia?

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3 minutes ago, ChronicAndKnuckles said:

Diggs is going to torch their secondary. 

Defense I am gonna go with Poyer. He’s going to pick Pickens. 

Pretty much pick whoever you want because this is going to be a massacre on all sides of the ball.

Poyer is out

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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