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Dolphins @ Bengals - TNF Game Thread


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4 minutes ago, Rick 'r Mortis said:

Why are they more violent? Is it because of the speed? Do they actually go for the head?


I've been to three games ever and nothing exciting happened 😂

I think because the helmets are a lot less protective and players often don't see the hits coming. 

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7 minutes ago, billsherd said:

Looks like there are lots of fire wherever you are around. 

Went climbing last Fall. As I left a wildfire was reported in the exact area I was in. If my party was just a few minutes slower to leave we would have been trapped at the bottom of the face with only up to go. 

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13 minutes ago, Ed_Formerly_of_Roch said:

With all the running around Allen does, there's always talk of him getting hurt and that's what everyone worries about.  Looking at the way Tua was flung down, not sure I've ever seen such a violent, but easy take down of a player.  Tua was flung down like a rag doll. 


Do wonder if given Allen's size and strength, could he ever be flung down like that?  Would think it would be hard for someone to do.  Could see a violent blind side hit, but not being flung down.

RG3 used to get power bombed every play like Tua. It was unreal lol

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