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Dolphins @ Bengals - TNF Game Thread


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2 minutes ago, mead107 said:

His head did not bounce like last week. 
Hope Miami gets fined for letting him play this week


Well, it was exactly the same sort of action....he did not hit it nearly as hard as he did last week though.


Was more of a tap that likely would have not bothered him, had he not concussed his head 4 days ago!


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I feel like throwing up.

That was just awful, awful, awful to watch.

It's hard to go on thinking about or watching football or caring about this game after that.

If Tua did have a concussion last week and the Dolphins knew it and allowed him to take the field tonight, I hope they are penalized incredibly heavily. That would constitute potentially murderous negligence. Literally risking a man's life to win a game. Sickening.

I don't even know what else to say. This is horrible. 

Prayers up and fingers crossed for Tua. He seems like a great young man and I really hope he's okay. 

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Just now, Big Turk said:

Tua gets hurt too much to really be any sort of franchise QB. Not even about this week or last week...every year he is out a few weeks here and there from injuries...


The best ability is availability 

Now is not the ***** time, man. Read the room. 

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Fitz is smart, he knows what he just saw. 

“Moving extremities” doesn’t mean anything with that type of brain injury. As a neurologist friend just put it, he’s gotta worry about being able to toilet himself, never mind playing football again. 

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Just now, gflande1 said:

Love seeing Josh in a national commercial. 

I just wish it was a Isotoner commercial (Marino reference for the youngsters on here), where he gives the gloves to the opposing defense…so when they grab his balls, their hands are soft. 

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4 minutes ago, HomeTeam said:

That may be true, I'm still doubtful on his ability to lead a team. 

We find that out when we see him face adversity.


he’s getting a real early test these next few months 

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Just now, Bob Chandler's Hands said:

I'm no doctor but isn't "moving his extremities" not so much the issue with a concussion, that's more like a neck/spine concern?



They're b.s. ing. 


They and the NFL want to downplay the head injury. 


2 in 5 days.  



Notice they haven't even said the word concussion 

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Just now, Beast said:

I don’t know. personally I believe Bridgewater is as good if not better than Tua. I don’t see a downgrade but I am saying that meaning I really haven’t been very impressed with Tua to begin with.

That was my feeling last week. Tua coming back in the game wasn’t about the loss for me. They probably would have been better with teddy out there. 

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4 minutes ago, The Wiz said:

I don't know how hospitals work.   Is 1 considered high or low in this case?


Serious question.  Like a 5 alarm fire is the worst for firefighters a level 1 could be the same in terms of head trauma. 



5 alarm fire isn't the worst. Just a saying for describing a bad fire.  Theoretically there can be infinite numbers of alarms for a fire.


The alarm is just signalling that another firehouse is being brought in for coverage


I have seen a 6 alarm fire. Pretty spectacular when a large abandoned furniture nfactory caught fire. Engines and crews brought in from 20 miles away to cover the 40 acres of buildings. Just Tuesday I saw a 3 alarm fire in the small downtown area when a business caught fire on mainstreet threatening nearby buildings. 

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