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NFL Week #3 - Bills at the Dolphins - 2nd half game thread


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Dorsey was brutal in 2nd half. We need a damn run game. 17 can't throw 50 times in 100 degrees.

Look I lost count of all the injuries but it is what it is..

Still a dog fight and props to Miami. 

We're gonna beat the breaks off em in Buffalo.

Relax yall

A terrible missed FG

A miscommunication on another potential fg.

Tough day in the office. 

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1 minute ago, BIGFOOTspaceman said:

Maybe we can slow down with the. 

Bills are unstoppable 


How do you stop the Bills




Best team ever…..


Hello Bills, I’m earth. 




Maybe we stop pretending the Dolphins are sooooo beneath us... 


The way fans talked all week, the Dolphins were a joke & we'd steamroll them. Yes, we were beat up & the heat took a toll, but they proved they can hang. Time to take them seriously.

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1 minute ago, Bubba Gump said:

This team will never win a SB with McClappy as coach. After watching Ken Dorsey destroy the coaches booth, I wanna see that on the sidelines. McDermott is a gutless turd.

This times 100.


Been saying it for 2 years.


McDermott is Doug Collins. We need Phil Jackson asap. We let him go…Brian Daboll. 

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In their defense, trying to operate in that kind of heat and humidity has a drastic mental impact, on top of the obvious physical ones.


Hopefully all injuries today are minor and mostly just cramping. The human body wasn't designed for what NFL players put it through during a normal game, let alone one as ridiculous as this was today.

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My question is why is this team so snake bitten with injuries and how were they not prepared for the heat?   They play there every year and you know how to combat the heat with forcing fluids, cooling fans and rotating players.  Rotating was off due to the heat issues. 

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