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Week 1, Bills v. Rams, 09/08/2022, GAME BALLS

Freddie's Dead

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5 minutes ago, Freddie's Dead said:


I stopped short when he kept doing designed runs for Josh up 24-10, and kept trotting Moss out there until he coughed it up.  I'm nitpicking, admittedly.  Otherwise, Dorsey called a helluva game.

Some of those were reads where he kept and moss should just go down up 21 instead of fighting but Dorsey has some blame there for sure

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Ken Dorsey

Leslie Frasier

Sean McDermott

Just now, Fan in Chicago said:

Let's give a little toy game ball to Benford 

He was awesome for a 6th round pick starting in a big game...held up very well....But man our pass rush...that was Fierce!!!! all day along

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1 minute ago, Freddie's Dead said:


Prepare for abuse from the Edmunds haterz....

Haha I’m one of them!


He was undoubtably all over, made convincing tackles and was in the thick of things in both run support and passing lanes all night. 

I don’t think he’ll get the $$$ he wants here, but he definitely played well tonight. 

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Just now, sirebors said:


I agree with this. I was surprised he even made the team, but I thought he played a great game today. Did he return after he got hurt? 


Yes he did the only one down that didn't return was Oliver outside of the 1 play.  I'm hoping that its just a precaution and he'll be good to go next Monday. He has 11 days to recover.

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dont disagree with all the players posted, but the overall coaching and esp the play-calling by Dorsey was tremendous and a relief...just wish Josh wouldn't cas run as much...this has been a recording


good mood to start the weekend and oh by the way, there is more football a comin..life is good

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4 minutes ago, TheyCallMeAndy said:

How about Sean McDermott? 10-10 and 3 turnovers, he got that team focused and bloodthirsty. 


I'm still butthurt from 13 seconds.  Tonight, I didn't understand the slavish adherence to Moss when Motor was clearly the superior back.  The defensive adjustments in the 2nd half were a thing of beauty.  If he keeps going, he'll get a game ball from me.  Eventually...

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