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How confident are you going into tonight's game?


How confident are you going into tonight's game?  

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  1. 1. How confident are you going into tonight's game?

    • Very confident - The Bills will win
    • Confident - I think they should win but wouldn't be surprised by a loss
    • Not confident - The Bills will lose
    • Unsure - I do not know what to think. Ask me tomorrow.

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For me it boils down to the Rams offense. I don't fear their RB's or TE's. If we can contain Kupp, Robinson is the only other solid option. They just don't have the weapons we have on offense. Von Miller is the difference on D as I think our DL generates a lot more pressure this year and helps out the DB's.  I predict Buffalo 31 Rams 24.

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7 minutes ago, Steptide said:

I will say this, if the bills win tonight (which obviously I'm hoping they will) it'll make 13 seconds a little harder to swallow. Imo, this game is what should've been the superbowl last year. 


Speaking for myself it won't for me. Have moved on from that and excited to see this season 

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I wish the starters played a little more in the preseason to really feel confident but at the same time I'm glad they didn't and we are going into the game relatively healthy (no Tre will be tough though). I could definitely see them having a slow start while they figure things out. I'm excited but also nervous. I like the big stage game but I would have liked our chances better starting out with the Jets at home or something and work out way into it. Nervous/excited is the answer, either way i don't think I'll get much sleep tonight. Should be a close game. I think 23-20 but I won't pick a winner

Also, either outcome I think there will be a lot of overreactions after the game. This is game 1, everyone chill

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15 minutes ago, quinnearlysghost88 said:

It may be a loss. Mcvay will go after our young dbs. Expect some head scratching offensive playcalling on our end. And things that usually came easy a lot harder to get. There are no gimmes in the nfl and we are being crowned before one snap. It’s a bad omen. 

I actually don't think there will be alot of head scratching stuff. I feel like Dorsey will be better with that. However, I can see some delay of game penaltys if Dorsey doesn't get the plays in fast enough, but he's had all off season to figure this stuff out 

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2 minutes ago, Simstim said:

Worried about the Rams' WRs vs our CBs, but otherwise, feel like we can at least hold our own.




Not really.


But hopeful with added feeling, yes.




Terrified of Kupp, less terrified of Robinson. I couldn't name any of their other receivers. 

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The Rams are no powerhouse. 


I think they were lucky to get a Bengals team that really shouldn't have beat the Chiefs (due to us taking everything out of them the week prior).


I can't see the Bills losing against them unless Donald wrecks the game.


We are superior in nearly every level based on talent

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I have no idea what to expect.  The Bills on paper are a better team than the 2021 version.


The Bills o-line should be much improved with the addition of Aaron Kromer and an upgrade in personnel.


The biggest question on offense is Ken Dorsey.  Though I have confidence in Dorsey, he is untested as a play caller and offensive coordinator.


We also have a new running back that could provide another dangerous threat catching passes out of the backfield.


On defense we have two untested rookies that should both see significant playing time at a cornerback.


 The Rams have lost Von Miller and one of their key offensive linemen.  However, I am sure the Rams are pissed off about being underdogs coming off a super bowl win and being at home.


This game is very difficult to predict.


I am hopeful.


Kickoff is 6 hours and 10 minutes of this writing.




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1 minute ago, Roundybout said:


Terrified of Kupp, less terrified of Robinson. I couldn't name any of their other receivers. 

It's a good point, and it was just those two I was thinking of. And Taron more can hold his own in the slot, so it might just be one of them up against either Dane or one of the two rookies that I expect will be in rotation. But that I still do fear.


Of course, hopefully the DLine will up the pressure and make their lives easier and they might turn out to be excellent in their first outing.


But nevertheless, that is where my main fear does lie. And Donald.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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