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  1. Charles Campbell via rumors section at Walter football.com Yesterday, we reported here in the Hot Press how some sources with teams in the top 10 said Minnesota is definitely trading up for a quarterback. Another team that sources say is aggressively trying to figure out a trade-up in the first round is the Buffalo Bills. The Buffalo front office has been calling teams and gauging trades to be prepared to move up on Thursday night. Sources say the Bills are targeting a wide receiver, and the most likely targets are LSU’s Brian Thomas Jr. and Texas’ Xavier Worthy. Both are possibilities for Buffalo, but it sounds like the preference is toward Thomas. After trading veteran Stefon Diggs, it sounds like Buffalo is going to be aggressive about finding Josh Allen’s next No. 1 receiver. https://walterfootball.com/nfl-hot-press-2024-nfl-draft-week-rumors-tuesday.php
  2. Personally, I don't agree at all about waiting for free agents after the draft. I feel like we need to go into the draft without any glaring holes so we don't have to over draft any players or get other teams jumping over us for the obvious players we would be going for to fill said roster holes. That said, we don't have to go after the top name players to get solid roster players, and we all know Beane won't over pay market value on mid-tier players. That way we can just go bpa and based on where we are drafting and projected boards that is likely wr in round 1. I also do not feel we need to draft a second wr that early though do agree about dipping back in and drafting a second wr in the 4th or 5th round. This guy will be a depth player who can play special teams and develop. Much like shorter will be after missing last year. In free agency I would at minimum pick up two vet dts hopefully one of them Daquan Jones and another a run stuffing dt, a vet rb for short yard/ redzone goal line situations, and a vet DE for rotation (two if we don't resign Epenesa). The DE's because DE's take time to develop and I would rather have a solid DE rotation we know is reliable rather than relying on a weaker DE class. In the second I would draft the best C/G available (if any fall to us worthwhile like last year) for competition with Edwards and/or McGovern starting spots. Obviously if the player wins out at center slide mcgovern back over to guard. If there aren't any guard/ C that are worth a second round pick by the time we select I'd draft Safety as I do not agree with your assessment that this is a weak safety draft. I think there are quite a few good safety prospects who should be available at that 2nd round or third round selection position. Personally, I would sign a safety in free agency to start and draft two young safeties one earlier in the second or third round if we go G/C in the second and then double dip in a later round for competition at both safety spots as well as special teams depth. In the later rounds if we keep all our 11 picks (which is doubtful) I would go bpa while focusing on third rb, cb depth, the safety, a tackle for the oline competition, DT depth, the previously mentioned safety depth player, and the final picks bpa whatever position.
  3. We signed KJ Hamler as well. he could be an option as well.
  4. They already have a good to great defense. And all their offense was missing was wrs and a qb. I'm not saying they'd win the afc east or have the best offense in the league (I agree that is silly) with them but I feel they would make the playoffs and be relevant again and I feel that's what Mayo would want as a first time hc a savvy vet qb who is average to above average and Kraft just wants to be relevant again so he would be on board..
  5. The tag would cost 21 million. Just too rich for the Bucaneers blood when thy need to sign a qb to a rich contract in Mayfield and Winfield whom they tagged.
  6. Kirk Cousins, Mike Evans, draft marvin harrison jr, sign best de free agent available, and one of the good vet rbs out there right now probably Saquan. That about spends the money but also puts them in the playoffs.
  7. I;d be alright with the pick. Not ecstatic but at our pick in the draft the drop off between the 6-like 12th wr isn't so excessive I'm worried about getting a specific guy in the second. We wait until round 4 or 5 I'd be a little miffed but not going wr in the first unless a Brian Thomas or Odunze somehow magically fell wouldn't hurt my feelings. A lot of holes to fill going into free agency, obviously this changes if we fill most with quality players I don't want to draft a depth player over a starting wr that'd irk me. All that said I doubt Robinson falls to us anyways and we either go wr or take a dt or Cooper Dejuan for the safety position.
  8. Wants the highest contract for wr in the nfl and deserves it. No way we could afford him and this is coming from a guy who believes we could make a ton of cap space and can sign a marquee guy or two.
  9. Free agency is loaded down with great vet backs. I think he will have to settle for less. But I agree wouldn't pay him that much a year knowing he wouldn't be rb1 in our system.
  10. There's always money in the banana stands. We could easily free up over 20 million of cap space over the cap. And like I said it would be a team friendly chase a ring deal so we wouldn't be talking big money.
  11. My plan is to sign Derrick Henry for our short yard and goal line back. Do this so we don't have to always use Allen in those situations. Convince him to take a short term superbowl chase deal. Then profit..
  12. We likely restructure some of the higher paid guys we want to keep and make some tough cuts and june 1st cuts to clear some cap as well. Tre White, Hines, Harty, Bates, Poyer. Also see some guys like Morse, douglas, and Dawkins who are on their final contract years who could extend / add on to their contracts for lesser dollar figures this year. Plenty of ways to create cap, and sign good players to fill roster holes. "Remember Michael there's always money in the banana stand"
  13. we save ten million with only a 6 million dead cap if he is deemed a post june 1st cut
  14. Because I can't change what happened today. And with Allen we at least have a shot at the Superbowl in the future still. Realistically 5-7 year window still imo. As a Bills fan who was young enough to not really get to enjoy the 90's Bills teams (I was 5 in 1990) this is the closest I have got to enjoy a winning Bills team who have a real shot. So I am enjoying it all even though we have yet gotten over this KC playoff hump.
  15. Looked blatantly late to me. Defender hadn't left his feet. "pretty much" is not has. He could've jumped over or at least tried to avoid contact and he didn't try at all. If he even attempted to avoid at all he would likely of not gotten the penalty.
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