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  1. Just bumping this question as no one seemed to answer this yet. Here is another one to add to the list. Locked on Bills with Joe Marino
  2. Checking out the Bengals forums most of them feel they lose this one against us badly. http://thebengalsboard.com/Thread-Bengals-Bills-predictions--21186 "The Bills are 2-0 and riding the high of a young QB and playing with a ton of energy.The Bengals are 0-2 and riding around in a circle of the drain playing with the energy of a corpse.Oh, and it is at Buffalo.Bills 30Bengals 10" "Buffalo isn't as good as SanFran. I'll say 34 - 20 Bills win." "31-13 Bills It would be 31-16 except for the missed FG." "Lot of whistling past the graveyard in this thread. 30-16 Buffalo. Score could be worse, but Bills let off the gas in deference to Andy, who's still Jerry-Lewis-in-France-popular with the Bills fans for his New Year's Eve heroics back in '17. " A couple saying the Bengals will win but all in all the majority thinking Bills win.
  3. Things change. Different team. Eli was 3-0 against us until this past game. The past is just that. The past. Cheer up it'll be our home opener the Bills will be pumped the crowd will be pumped and loud. The Bills won't lose this game.
  4. Never doubt a Fitzpatrick led team in his first year. The Dolphins will steal a few games they aren’t supposed to under first year with a new team Fitzmagic. He always kills it with his new teams year one.
  5. Ok he needs to apologize now I agree. It's well past when he claimed he would dish out his Bills noise. Click baits I hate them grr...
  6. I'd be surprised because they gave him a 4.4 million guarantee deal and it'd be a cap hit of 3.5 million if they cut him this year.
  7. According to Sal I was right. This is all sorts of confusing. Meh, I'll just see how it turns out. Sal Capaccio @SalSports · 40m He can make the 53 man roster. If he doesn’t he must clear waivers and then can be signed to the Bills 10-man PS, the Bills PS as an 11th exempt member, or another team’s 10-man PS.
  8. I hadn't heard that before. Where'd you guys get this information from. Every time I heard info it stated that he would have to pass waivers if we we chose not to 53 man roster him. If true I was wrong and I'm sorry for bringing bad info to the table. Also, I still would roster him. He seems like a possible gamebreaker. Even if it is only two or three plays a game. Would be a waste to ruin so much potential sitting him all year.
  9. He has to go on waivers before he can be put on the practice squad. I am correct.
  10. Yeah, that the risk they would have to take to try to stash him all year on the ps. But if another team were to snag him they have to put him on their 53 man and keep him there. No one can grab him put him on their 53 and then try to put him on their practice squad later in the year. He would revert back to buffalo's PS for the rest of the year and not be able to be activated to the regular roster the rest of the year.
  11. I promise it is. Sal Cappacio looked into it earlier in the off season because he wasn't positive of the rules on it either.
  12. Nope, he gets a chance to make a NFL roster first. If we don't put him on our 53 he goes through waivers. Then if no team claims him on waivers he goes to our squad. He can't go to another teams practice squad.
  13. Has to make it through waivers first. I doubt he makes it.
  14. So how do not keep Wade.he is a beast..
  15. In mlb yes, Puig did during a Cincinnati game
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