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  1. Same people will say we paid too much, don't care about drafting young talent, and vice versa if we do make a move or two. Some people are just debbie downers.
  2. Why te/ We have like 8 of them. I think it is DT, WR OR DT. Dark horse is running back as for some reason Daboll doesn't seem to trust Singletary. Maybe he wants a vet running back this year and slowly work singletary in for next year.
  3. Cleveland are playing like poo and Pittsburg is very beatable. Could easily beat both or one of the to two atleast.
  4. We win 10-11 still and playoffs. The world is ending chicken littles need to calm down.
  5. Singletary has carries just didn’t do anything with them.
  6. You guys are complaining about no bombs when a kicker has to kick towards the left sideline to hope to make a kick. Throwing deep passes and bombs would be idiotic. as for the play calling it’s been fine fumbles and the fact this weather plays into the eagles strength of run defense has made this game tight. Plenty of game left
  7. All I have to say is Kyle Williams boom 💥 your mind is blown.
  8. Am I the only one that thinks we need a dt for our rotation t replace Peko? We have really been missing Harrison Phillips in that rotation since the injury imo.
  9. \ Demarius Thomas isn't the Demarius Thomas he used to be or the Pats wouldn't of unloaded him. He is just another guy now. All they have is Anderson and so ho hums. Their leading reciever is Jamison Crowder with 272 yards. Of which most of that he got against the Bills(99) and Cowboys (98). Been close to non existant otherwise. Of course now that I think of it.. they didn't have a qb between those two games so I guess that didn;t help.
  10. Have you seen their wr corps? They need him probably worse than we do.
  11. It’s going to be a very deep wr draft this year. Ceedee is going to be a good one but he may not even be the best we coming out next draft.
  12. Stephon Diggs is on a multi year contract. That wouldn't be a one year rental nor would it likely cost only a 2nd or third. AJ Green would be a one year deal though yes. But I doubt if we traded for him that we wouldn't re-up him for a few more years. Not the best strategy trading picks for one year of players, atleast not high picks.
  13. Hard to put this game just on Allen. Yes he made some putrid decisions and many times tried to do too much but it should be a learning process. But the wrs didn't get much if any seperation most of the game. The line didn't block and the untimely holding calls most the game didn't help either. Hard to get a rhythm when penaltes push you back a ton (more early in the game with Lee Smith). Give him another true number one wr put Lee Smith on the bench, and let the line gel by having a true rt not this rotation monstrosity. If he still doesn't start improving after that then yup I'll be worried. I am ready to move on from Lee Smith the guy was just bad. And Boroquez is on a short leash with me. Not due to the blocked punt that was on the line not blocking the gunner. But the terrible 20 yard punt I believe was the next drive? You have one job man.
  14. Just bumping this question as no one seemed to answer this yet. Here is another one to add to the list. Locked on Bills with Joe Marino
  15. Checking out the Bengals forums most of them feel they lose this one against us badly. http://thebengalsboard.com/Thread-Bengals-Bills-predictions--21186 "The Bills are 2-0 and riding the high of a young QB and playing with a ton of energy.The Bengals are 0-2 and riding around in a circle of the drain playing with the energy of a corpse.Oh, and it is at Buffalo.Bills 30Bengals 10" "Buffalo isn't as good as SanFran. I'll say 34 - 20 Bills win." "31-13 Bills It would be 31-16 except for the missed FG." "Lot of whistling past the graveyard in this thread. 30-16 Buffalo. Score could be worse, but Bills let off the gas in deference to Andy, who's still Jerry-Lewis-in-France-popular with the Bills fans for his New Year's Eve heroics back in '17. " A couple saying the Bengals will win but all in all the majority thinking Bills win.
  16. Things change. Different team. Eli was 3-0 against us until this past game. The past is just that. The past. Cheer up it'll be our home opener the Bills will be pumped the crowd will be pumped and loud. The Bills won't lose this game.
  17. Never doubt a Fitzpatrick led team in his first year. The Dolphins will steal a few games they aren’t supposed to under first year with a new team Fitzmagic. He always kills it with his new teams year one.
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