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Things that are awesome

North Buffalo

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Gigs like the one I had tonight are awesome. 


Had like maybe 20 people show up, but they had PBR on tap. I said from the stage how awesome PBR is. A Senior VP from a local bank was there, and paid my whole tab, just because she is also a PBR fan! 

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33 minutes ago, Limeaid said:


I'd agree but does that make a woman less awesome when she has to have removed due to cancer?


IMO are less awesome when made into sillicones. 

What the heck kind of response is this?  Of course a woman having a mastectomy due to breast cancer doesn’t make her “less awesome.”  What the matter with you?

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On 9/17/2022 at 11:32 PM, Simon said:

Had to look this up to see if the cost was manageable....

$440,000   :lol:





It's all fun n games until you go face first thru that walkway.


1. It's too loud

2. That flame shooting out of that jet is a little too close to body areas that fire isn't appreciated

3. Don't jetpack near glass walkways or buildings or electrical wires, or airplanes, or drones, kites, football stadiums, blimps etc ...

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On 9/26/2022 at 5:58 PM, Chef Jim said:

Not caring about if the Bills win or lose anymore. 

That will come right after we win our first Super Bowl.


You'll be changed forever as a Bills fan.  


Everything will be relaxed and easy.



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