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Very close to seeing stadium renderings

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3 minutes ago, Canadian Bills Fan said:

I really can't wait to see this. Like maybe too excited lol

Especially as it will be years in the making but it will be our Christmas present.

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58 minutes ago, HOUSE said:

This is like waiting for cable dude who never shows...


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56 minutes ago, Gugny said:

Looks like some of the renderings are starting to trickle in ...





At least will appeal to a certain demographic

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On 8/8/2022 at 8:34 AM, stevewin said:

I am interested if they put some rust-belt/blue-collar vibe into it - vs some hyper sleek thing which soesn't really fit the image of the city


I hope not. There is enough rust-best structures in Buffalo - no need to fake it with the stadium.

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19 hours ago, Augie said:


My sister lives in Appleton (nice town!) and we attended the Bills game in Green Bay a few years ago. I must say, I didn’t really see Titletown and I wish I’d made a point of doing that. Having said that, the thing that stands out to many people is that Lambeau is an NFL stadium sitting right in the middle of a normal, middle class residential neighborhood. All those houses contain potential customers/users of the shops.


Highmark stadium sits in the middle of the vast wasteland that is most of Orchard Park. There are very few people living near the stadium. I’d love a hotel and some more shops/restaurants/bars within an easy walk of the stadium, but I don’t see that happening. Maybe a new stadium will cause that to happen, but I doubt it. It’s too remote to draw much attention other than on game days, when they are probably too busy to be of much use while being overwhelmed 8-10 days a year.


What might be possible is some kind of shuttle/light rail from downtown. I’m NOT an expert on WNY or the obstacles related to connecting downtown to the stadium, but it would be more practical than building out around the stadium, it seems. 

And this is why I’ve stated all this time that another stadium smack dab in the middle of nowhere does nothing for the area. Nothing for the local economy. Because you will never get anymore than what your already getting out of a stadium in OP. 

if you built it downtown there would have been plenty of businesses and development popping up all around. 

for people and precious historical figures claiming that a new stadium does nothing for local business and economy. That’s because most places build new stadiums right across the street from their currently running down facility. They aren’t taking into account adding something that was never there in the first place. Not to mention, getting rid of old eyesores like the Perry St projects. Which are now completely boarded up from all the smashed windows. Have piles of dirt, stone, and tires in the parking lots. Yeah, let’s keep them right where they are. 

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