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Hall of Fame Game tonight 8pm NBC


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56 minutes ago, Albany,n.y. said:

I expect to see USFL QB Kyle Slotter in for Jacksonville at some point, unless the weather delay lasts forever.   


As of today there are 34 USFL players in NFL camps.


Here is where the first 30 went:


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Love being part of the most passionate fanbase.  Love that there is always a gameday thread, regardless of who is playing.


As I'm getting older, I find each NFL team fascinating and have been visiting rivals message boards if a player or their team is trending.  Almost every other message board is either visually hard to look at or it looks like a message board from the 90's.  


Glad we have the cleanest, most professional looking NFL message board I am aware of.  


Go Bills!  This. Is. Our. Year.

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