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  1. Its apples and oranges you can't compare the two. The keyword in my post was current climate. The Fromm leak happened at the worst possible time because of the George Floyd incident. What Josh Allen said is not being discussed because the reports happened three years ago. We don't know if Josh has made amends and earned his teammates respect since he was drafted. Also, Josh is a former first round pick who is coming off a season where he lead his team to playoffs. Right or wrong, Josh gets a longer leash. Regarding either player, I am not trying to take a moral stand. I am giving my opinion what I believe is the best for the organizations culture and ability to win games.
  2. I believe in giving players second chances. We all made stupid mistakes when we were younger. That being said, based on the current climate and the fact the majority of NFL Athletes are African American..I think it is in the best interest for the team to cut ties with him. He's a 5th round QB with a noodle arm, who ceilings is likely a solid backup. The Bills are risking losing the locker room by having this guy on the team.
  3. This thread is literally about their draft history. Many users on this forum are as big of homers as One Bills Live. God forbid you critique a team that hasnt won a playoff game in 25 years.
  4. I'm still crying about TJ Graham over Russel Wilson😭. When this thread is about praising the Bills past few drafts, not only passing on, but trading out of the spot of a generational talent at the most important position deserves some criticism.
  5. Much more difficult to obtain a first round bye because of the new CBA. Only one spot available, must win the conference. I think McBeane is also looking at north/south runners. McDermott does not want to turn the ball over and I bet he feels the same way about taking huge losses on running plays. Moss is also the short yardage back we desperately need. It seems our only option on 3rd/4th and short was QB keeper. Swapping out Moss for Gore should extend drives and punch in a few more TDs,
  6. I like the drafts but as great is a player Tre is, I am not as ecstatic as you about the additional first round pick. We traded out of the pick and Chiefs landed Patrick Mahomes. Sure, nobody knew what he would become but it still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, additional first rounder or not. (DeShaun Watson also available at #10) Regarding the 2017 draft. Yes, Whaley was GM at the time but if I recall, McDermott was given a lot of power. Whaley and his scouting department may have put the board together, but I believe McDermott was ultimately making the final call.
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