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  1. It was legal (barely). Looking how the play unfolded, it certainly appeared to have been a forward pass. When Wycheck threw it to Mason, Mason was too far ahead. Mason had to come back and retrieve the ball. The optics of the play certainly give the illusion of a forward pass and in most instances, I think the refs would have thrown a flag...it would be too close to overturn. Regardless, the Bills mistakes were compounding and it eventually caught up to them. We should have started Flutie. We chose to kick the go ahead field go with like 16 seconds and I believe it was only 2nd or 3rd down. And as mentioned, there is no excuse for the special teams not covering the kick off properly. I recently watched a video of the play and Jeff Fisher was literally moving his arm in a throwing motion to the special teams unit beforehand..
  2. Would that be considered a 108 yard TD drive? There was the 10 yard holding penalty.
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