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Vontae Davis is back! (Sort of)


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23 minutes ago, Warcodered said:

Now that I think about it, I guess an added bonus of what AB did to the Bucs is that the Bills don't have the most ridiculous player retirement/departure anymore.

LOL, always look at the bright side of life!


Another added bonus is that Tom Terrific doesn't always win.  Imagine he let AB into "his house"....probably without real access to his kids and/or supermodel wife.



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Well what do ya know.... another long armed defensive back.... 👀


Not only was Trent McDuffie not their type. Even if he was the only DB in the entire draft he was still not their type.


Surprised Davis wasn't signed by anyone. High School corner converted to safety at Utah. Not the fastest but has some nice tape. Saw him as an UDFA but fully expected him signed in that first wave of FA. 

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Vontae Ottis Davis is a former American football cornerback who played for the Miami Dolphins, Indianapolis Colts, and Buffalo Bills of the National Football League. 


Vonte Davis is a 4 year free safety with Utes.



Spelling counts!


Of course PFF writer won't point that since it messes with his twit.


Lets just refer previous DB (or is that a QB back as Quit Back) by his middle name "Ottis".



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