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Is It Just Me, or Did Motor Get Punked on Angry Runs?

Freddie's Dead

Is It Just Me, or Did Motor Get Punked on Angry Runs?  

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  1. 1. In your opinion, who won Angry Runs for Week 16?

    • Devin "Motor" Singletary - Bills
    • David Montgomery - Bears
    • Duke Johnson - Fish
    • Clyde Edwards-Helaire - Chefs

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I think Motor got punked on Angry Runs.  He's dragging Dugger like a backpack, and while under tackle, destroys Hightower!!  I came late to the game and missed this play, but it's clear that this play sent the message that we came to play.  Props to the other nominees, but this Angry Run should have won.  Mongomery and Duke were one-on-one, and CEH was 1 on 2 or three, so CEH gets my honorable mention.  But Motor all the way on this one.  WHO YA GOT?



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I agree. Dude had Dugger draped all over him and trucked the 6’3 260 Hightower like he was Maddy Glab.  I don’t think it’s relatively close either.


I watched the segment live but didn’t see who won.  I was staring at Kaye Adams and tuned everything out around her.


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This was a good angry runs segment with better nominees than most weeks.   

I think if you put a definition on angry runs it might sound something like - a ball carrier who initiates violent contact to over power/run/destroy your opponent to gain yardage.  

The way yesterday unfolded the winner was chosen over the KC dude due to the fact he chose to run through the guy vs making a move.   I can see why Singletary didn’t get picked as it may appear that he was alluding contact while still running hard….just my opinion.   

Was a hell of a run and set the tone for sure that the Bills were there to play!


Go Bills!

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