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  1. My dad and his dad were best friends. We all sat down for dinner one night. I asked him to sign my hat but he would not. Said he was not a real NFL player but when he had an opportunity he had to take it.
  2. True. And the sharps must have a reason for liking the Bills. La'el being hurt? Bills getting healthy? I think the Bills win this game 8 out of 10 times on a neutral site. But I am a fan.
  3. Well. Shaq Lawson has been playing well.
  4. I liked NWA in 1988. Does that make me ineligible? Well, that and the fact that I am not a pro football player. Love the screen name tho.
  5. Native American here... I personally do not find Chiefs offensive likd I do Redskins or that Indians Logo. Nor do I find the Braves or the Aztecs. That little Irish dude from Notre Dame.....Pretty offensive.
  6. Last year's gut check was Tampa. And while they responded; they lost. I am thinking they have learned that they can win close games. And confidence is built on repeated success.
  7. I thought I saw JA face mask being pulled by a bill at the beginning of the pile up and JA reacted to that.
  8. We left a ton of plays on the field and Miami really did not.
  9. His dad and my dad were friends for many years. Todd also skied for team USA.
  10. I like wherd I go wrong but not as high as 10th.
  11. Not running routes with Allen seems pretty egregious. I thought McD brought him in for work ethic and leadership.
  12. My understanding, and this has been pretty thoroughly covered on local radio, is that the Carroll wanted Colin to have a plan about how to deal with the kneeling as opposed to just winging it. And Colin would not respond.
  13. I was just quoting from the article. And I 100% agree with you on Manuel. His teammates loved him. Great guy. Great arm. Career back up.
  14. probably the most shocking on the list EJ Manuel. Not a good grade at all.
  15. There is a sports bar in Arcata. Right off the plaza. Sidelines.
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